The Force Dynasty Gals

  1. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 3 years ago

    Do you think both John Force's daughters earned their not only national recognition as the National Hot Rod Associate Drag Racing Series' Rookie of the Year, but world recognition was a fluke or well earned and deserved?

    Ashley Force 2007

    Courtney Force 2012

    Yes they do pilot a fuel funny car sporting over 8,000 horsepower traversing the now race distance of 1,000 feet (once a quarter mile for that class shortened to offer greater safety for shutdown distance) at record setting speeds over 300 MPH and clocked as close to 4 seconds as a gnats hair. Both did win an event in a 24 race season amongst their 20 or more competitors feat still not achieved by almost half of those competitors at one of this nation's tracks. Both grew driving since teens and both graduated college. Yes, today they are role models for girls nationwide and even had a Barbie doll fashioned after Ashely, who is now president of John Force Racing Entertainment . . .

    But, did they really earn it by driving the season and posting great performances or was it a gimme?