Hello, My name is Frank. I would like to know what size tire i can use on the re

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    fads58posted 8 years ago

    Hello, My name is Frank. I would like to know what size tire i can use on the rear of a 2000...

    vette.Currently i have aftermarket wheels on rear 10" by 19 tall. I bought wheels with 275/30 19 on them but they are worn out and i wanted to replace them with a taller tire in rear.They are to low profile in rear for my taste, their is about a 4 1/2 " space between the tire and quarter wheel opening, it looks as if a high school kid owns the car . I would like more meat in opening. Thank you for your time,Frank

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    rtrdpenguinposted 8 years ago

    Haha I feel your pain! Sometimes I look at the wheel gap on my Supra and think to myself, "I bet I could go off-roading in this thing..."

    Unfortunately just putting different tires on your car may not be the way to go. Changing the diameter of your wheel/tire combo will make your speedometer and odometer read wrong, because the speed sensor is calibrated for the factory diameter. Any tire on a 19 inch wheel will have to be pretty low profile to maintain the correct diameter for the sensor.

    But don't worry, it just happens that Corvettes are one of the few cars that can have their ride height adjusted from the factory! There are certain bolts on the suspension that can lower the chassis of the car and reduce the gap between your tire and fender while keeping your wheel/tire size correct. The car will sit lower, however, and going over large speed bumps and such will have to be done more slowly. Here is a page about lowering C5 corvettes: http://www.frankhunt.com/FRANK/hobbies/ … wering.htm

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    sord87posted 8 years ago

    low profile is nice as long as you can bear the extra cost of damage.Most probably your shock absorber will damage faster.The gap and how to make lower rtrdpenguin has answered it