How can I grow this new auto dealer website vendor business I bought?

  1. MarshallScott profile image69
    MarshallScottposted 7 years ago

    How can I grow this new auto dealer website vendor business I bought?

    I bought a web based company 3 months ago that builds, host, maintains and does seo/lead-generation for car dealers.

    Since I bought the company, I acquired a number of existing clients, along with a very excellent staff.

    Most of the business is localized where my one sales person resides. He is good because he was a former internet car salesman. He knows the lingo and the tech side.

    I want to really grow this business  obviously, but am not sure how to recruit, pay and encourage similar people to the one I already have.

    I also am trying to come up with other ways to sell our services that

  2. Vanrentals profile image56
    Vanrentalsposted 7 years ago

    Hey Marshall, thats quite a few questions in one. Basically by taking over a company you would have done a financial breakdown of the various revenure sources. If one sales person is responsible for the majority of your contacts / leads it would probably stand to reason to make him you sales manager/recruiter and let him assemble a team around himself. It is often an easier way than having to start from scratch yourself when it comes to HR. Anyway thats my 2 of luck in the new venture.

  3. Tony Locicero profile image78
    Tony Lociceroposted 7 years ago

    Agree with Vanrentals.  And it is pretty risky to have all of your eggs in one basket too.  Keep that man happy! If he leaves, so does the majority of your business....

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