When you buy a new car, what is your process to getting a good deal?

  1. David R Bradley profile image82
    David R Bradleyposted 7 years ago

    When you buy a new car, what is your process to getting a good deal?

    How specifically do you know when you have a good deal or not?

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    Emissionguyposted 7 years ago

    Dealers want to make money on finance contracts, thats really the focus of the industry now.

    If you want to finance a car they will work hard to make the deal with you.

    If they know your going to pay for the car in full or bring your own financing to the table, they are already looking over your shoulder to see who else walked in.

    Choose the time of year to buy when selection is best and the market is slow. Buy off-season for the type of car you need.

    Example: buy 4x4's in the summer and sports cars in the winter.

    The best time of year to buy a car is July-September, thats when sales are slowest for dealers.

    Play bait and switch with the dealer, let them believe you are financing the car, make your best deal then swtich off at the last minute to paying in full or finance through your credit union.

    Use internet shopping sites to find the best deals. Places like autotrader.com and cars.com

    Do your homework before buying, know the vehicle you are choosing will suit your needs. Reviews on online opinions can help give you clues.

    Ask your mechanic about vehicle choices.

    The public seems to think the best value comes from the big three,

    Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

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    doodlebugsposted 5 years ago

    Compare prices and do a lot of homework on the internet to find out what the dealer's invoice price and play different dealers off against each other to get the lowest price. I wrote a Hub about your question here: http://doodlebugs.hubpages.com/hub/-Tri … -Cheat-You