i am a truck driver and about 2 months ago i locked my keys out of my work truck

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    charlie pacekposted 7 years ago

    i am a truck driver and about 2 months ago i locked my keys out of my work truck and had to call...

    the 1800 number for assistance to unlock my door my boss says that it cost him 182 for the lock out assistance he waited 2 months and then without notice he garnished the 182 out of my pay i would like to know where i stand

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    FeniqueSposted 7 years ago

    First do you have an employee manual? If so truly sit down and read it. Lock-outs may be at the drivers cost and the employer will deduct all fees from your pay.  I use to drive school bus and it was there.  Have two uncles that drive cross-country and its like that for them.

    There also may be a wait time for you to get the fee and pay for the cost.  If you have not paid within a certain amount of time the fee will be deducted from your pay.

    Now, if your pay periods are bi-weekly, may be reason for waiting so long to deduct fee. When this happened it may have been around a holiday time, you may have been on the road and they did not want you be strapped for funds. 

    It could have also not been your boss, but payroll/bookkeeping that auto deduct fees from pay. They might have had to wait until the funds cleared then deduct fee from you check. 

    Read the book/manual, it could even be only a few page/s long.
    You can contact the labor board and see what they would tell you.  I would think they should have notified you first, weather they had a employee manual or not.  And it may state, that they do not have to notify you, because it is in the employee manual.