How to avoid buying a lemon before driving off in one.

  1. Denise Handlon profile image89
    Denise Handlonposted 7 years ago

    How to avoid buying a lemon before driving off in one.

  2. lender3212000 profile image75
    lender3212000posted 7 years ago

    Always, always, always test drive the car. Be sure to keep the radio off while you are driving the vehicle so you can hear any odd sounds. Test brakes, acceleration, anything "power" such as windows, locks, moonroof, etc. Look under the hood for any visible signs of oil leaks, worn belts, corrosion, etc. Inspect the outside of the car looking for things such as uneven wear on the tires (alignment problems), check all of the side panels and doors to make sure that each piece bears the stamp with the vin number that matches. If the car has been in a serious accident, usually replacement parts have been used from salvage vehicles and you can usually spot this. Many manufacturers also use a stamp on their glass so you can check to see if the car has all of the original glass. You can also check the Carfax report although this will only show you certain information. Always try to buy a car with at least a portion of the original factory warranty remaining so you can have any repair work done by the dealership without investing additional money.

  3. alexhd57 profile image72
    alexhd57posted 7 years ago

    Steer clear of yellow cars. If you're tempted by an oldie that could be a goodie test drive with the radio off, drive up a hill and listen to the engine for 'pinging'. Turn hard each way and listen for worn CV joints etc in suspension. Listen, listen, listen etc. Usual visual inspections. Look under oil filler cap for gunk. If you don't know what you're looking for pay a mechanic to check the vehicle over for you.