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What is the best bumper sticker you have seen

  1. Danielle76 profile image57
    Danielle76posted 7 years ago

    What is the best bumper sticker you have seen

  2. scramble profile image65
    scrambleposted 7 years ago

    There is one that is supporting Breast Cancer awareness. There is one of those pink ribbons, I think, and the slogan reads, "Save The TaTas"

  3. mshunt profile image59
    mshuntposted 7 years ago

    I saw one once that stuck in my memory. It read "The older I get... the better I was."

  4. Emissionguy profile image82
    Emissionguyposted 7 years ago

    For some reason "cat... the other white meat" tickles my fancy.

  5. Drug Free ADD profile image57
    Drug Free ADDposted 7 years ago

    Ass, Gas, or Grass... Nobody rides for free.

  6. DeboHubpages profile image58
    DeboHubpagesposted 7 years ago

    Hang up and Drive!  I made one up copyright reserved stop texting or ill slam on brakes!

  7. No_Clue profile image70
    No_Clueposted 7 years ago

    "The more you whine, the longer God makes you live" is my personal favorite...