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3 cars.... 1 choice.... Audi R8... Aston Martin DB9 ... Ferrari 360 .. please

  1. the_legend profile image57
    the_legendposted 7 years ago

    3 cars.... 1 choice.... Audi R8... Aston Martin DB9 ... Ferrari 360 ..   please help me

    I hadt a track day package for a present last year, it is soon to expire and I don't know too much about cars, ive done some research and they all seem to have the same stats. What stands out about these cars?? there must be something which separates the boys from the men.

  2. warrioRR profile image59
    warrioRRposted 7 years ago

    Audi R8 is the best out of these three.
    On 2nd no there is Ferrari and on third is Aston Martin DB9

  3. theelhub profile image75
    theelhubposted 7 years ago

    DB9 isnt a track car and whilst the V12 sounds awesome,  you would be disappointed (relatively of course, it still would be awesome).

    Audi R8 is a fantastic car. Very capable and took it to the Supercars establishment at Audis first attempt. The V8 version is great, but the V10 is superb.

    The 360 is a Ferrari, and to drive any Ferrari on a track would be a dream come true for most car fans. Stunning sounding V8 engine, whilst the MR layout would give you a true supercar experience, possibly more than the slightly safer 4WD of the R8. Saying that, you would be much faster in the R8 as I presume you won't be a highly skilled driver, DONT TAKE THAT PERSONALLY, I mean you're not a racing driver? I'm being relative here. The 360 is apparently a handful for even the most capable driver at the limit, whilst the R8 is more forgiving.  You could say the 360 would be better because of this, more fun getting sideways if they allow, however the R8 would be faster around the track in your hands, even the V8.

    It depends how much you value Ferrari. For me that would be enough. Only you can answer that.

    You will have a great day whatever! What track you doing it at Silverstone?

  4. the_legend profile image57
    the_legendposted 7 years ago


    cheers for the advise, i understand its somewhere in Leicestershire,  i know you cant really beat the noise of a Ferrari, unless of course your up against a Bugatti, i think im going to go with the 360 though simply because i do want to get the back end out, and i just want to get a true feel of what a super car feels like to drive. i also understand that if you are a confident driver i will be able to hit about 170mph on the straight and the Ferrari will hit its top speed just a hair before the R8, and of course i want to make the most of it. Im still considering the R8 though just because 'its an audi R8. Thanks for your review its made me think about which car i take in deep thought.

  5. Richard Craig profile image75
    Richard Craigposted 7 years ago

    The Ferrari would be the most fun if you like powersliding round corners plus it has a great sounding engine.  The Audi R8 is 4WD so it will be much more stable under braking and accelerating out of corners.  The Aston is the one in the middle.  Rear wheel drive but is very manageable for a supercar.  So it depends on your driving style.  Are you aggressive?  If so the you better stick with the Audi.  But bare in mind, a Ferrari is a Ferrari.  It's like the perfect supercar we all want.