Well, I have gotten stumped- Wife is on my ass, cause the yard looks bad:)- Over

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    endress1posted 7 years ago

    Well, I have gotten stumped- Wife is on my ass, cause the yard looks bad:)- Over the past few...

    times Ive cut the lawn, when I go to crank it, it seemed a bit off, and I had to play with the ignition, to get it to turn over, but always worked okay after that. Well, the other day I cut, and i cleaned it off, and I couldnt crank it to get it back in garage. I figured I needed a new battery, but after charging it and jumping it off, like I have done in the years past, it will not jump off, and the battery seems to be fine and holding a charge fine. I tried to jump it again a second ago, and nothing. So I tried a new plug, put it in, and still same result. When I get on the mower, engage the

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    stars439posted 7 years ago

    I think I had the same problem once with my riding lawnmower, If you can check to see if there is any corrosion on the terminals where you connect it to a switch that is connected to the body of the lawn mower. In my case it was the device that the battery wires connected too.I cannot remember the name of that thing. I think cars still have them too. I want to call it a regulator of some kind, but unsure. It is a device with one or two little stud bolts sticking out on it where your wires connect to it. Sometimes the wires need cleaning that connect to it.  It may need to be replaced. The only way of knowing for sure if this is the cause , is if it can be tested. Ususally lawn mower mechanics have a way of testing succh devices. To replace it probably would cost you less than twenty dollars, but I never went to a repaiman and was charged anything less than a hundred bucks if they have to pick up your lawn mower,and bring it back.  The terminal wires could have corrosion, that white powder that forms on them after a few years. The battery could be bad. One thing you need to do is to see if the lights come on if it has lights on your mower. If the lights come on weak , then you have a low battery. If there is dampness around the wires use a blow dryer to dry up the area. Be sure and cover your lawnmowers during the winter season with a tarp. It helps ward off dampness. Sometimes lawnmower batteries must be replaced after a few years even when you take good care of them. A battery tester is kind of handy sometimes. GBY