Is it worth obtaining a lawyer to fight an auto shop that failed to replace your

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    runrchic1posted 7 years ago

    Is it worth obtaining a lawyer to fight an auto shop that failed to replace your oil after a change?

    The shop never replaced the oil they removed, which caused an accumulation of metal shavings that destroyed our engine.  We are looking a few thousand dollars in damage.  They don't want to pay for the car to be fixed.

  2. Norah Casey profile image70
    Norah Caseyposted 7 years ago

    Probably. If you had a third-party (such as an insurance rep or another mechanic) inspect your car following the failed service, then you're more likely to be successful. You might want to check out the BBB on the autoshop to see if they have been reported in the past.

    A very similar situation happened to a friend when he picked me up from the airport. The sound of an oil-free engine is unmistakable, so we were able to resolve the issue in time. In the future, I recommend changing your own oil.

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    tinawehaposted 7 years ago

    Yes, I have had something similar to this happen with a brand new Landcruiser. The dealer didn't put the cap on and the oil leaked out and caused a lot of problems.  We had to replace the engine block and the dealer had to pay for it.

    This was a million years ago, but I still think you should get a lawyer or go to court.

    If it's relevant to small claims court, get your paperwork in order and you can represent yourself.  This will depend upon the amount of damage ($) involved.  You will need something written out by other people, such as a mechanic who saw the damage.  good luck

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