Can we light up led's or any other source of light with heat energy emitted by

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    jiaurabposted 6 years ago

    Can we light up led's or any other source of light with  heat energy  emitted by our body?

    i want to make a gadget with the help of this info . Im a first semester student of CS . NUST.

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    Vegefarmposted 6 years ago


    LED's and other light bulbs work through the transfer of electrons(electricity) in a circuit. These electrons are created through a chemical reaction (cells&batteries) or from the power stations which use various other techniques.

    In other words you would have to some how convert your heat energy into some sort of electrical energy. Then relay this into a circuit, question is whether or not the charge and current would be strong and constant enough from an ever changing body temperature.

    Not to be too pessimistic here, but I think it's a long shot. Good luck.

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    Aerosmitheposted 6 years ago

    Well, Calorie is a measure of energy, Watt is a measure of power, so you have to look at calories to watt hours. 1 calorie equals .001162 watt hours. The lowest wattage LED I could find was 0.5 watts, so in order to illuminate this LED, you would need to burn approximately 430 calories per hour, and somehow manage to funnel this calorie burn (expenditure of heat) all into one point, and then convert it to the electrical energy.

    Technically yes, it is theoretically possible but relatively unlikely.