What are the pros and cons of hybrid cars?

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  1. Robie Benve profile image95
    Robie Benveposted 11 years ago

    What are the pros and cons of hybrid cars?

  2. move2move profile image60
    move2moveposted 11 years ago

    Hybrid cars, means ... at least 2 different fueling systems, usually half oil and half electric driven; a good idea but when you can go for electric alone , why keep up the usage of oil? That's where it becomes an useless idea!
    The time is there now for energy sources that don't cost much in opposition to ruining you in the process, this only because the industry sells you a story about an energy crisis that is more their issue than yours, can openly manipulate prices as they want and let people think that they "Have To" stick to them as they became depended of the Energy Industry! And yet there are many other alternatives available, working with electric means, water, even Air ... etc...etc ... It's all there but you have to figure out where or by whom you might find the best way or system available for you! Plus, you are not that much bound anymore to the industrial aspect of energy production monetarily spoken.
    So I have no real Pro or Con point of view on hybrid cars as it's not the only alternative, not the cheapest, not even the cleanest ( ...but better than nothing of course ...lol... ) and an already over passed concept if you ask me ... !
    But that's only my point of view of course :-)!
    "Clean & Cheap for you" are the magic words.

    P.S.: Here just one very simple example that people can test, even just for fun ;-):

    SHOCK:Police Uses Water Instead of Gas for All Cars.."
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUgUF5M3 … r_embedded


    Interesting and one possibilty under many!

  3. flamboyantken profile image60
    flamboyantkenposted 11 years ago

    Let me share with you my 2 cents worth.

    Pros: Environmental friendly vehicle (non-pollution as drinking water emits from muffler tip), Lower breakdown, depreciation and ongoing problems rate. Valuable & Rare on Earth so many shall envy you driving.

    Cons: Costly to drive (both procurement process as well as maintenance), Limited workshops to visit (little model awareness), High electricity consumption (opportunity cost for Fuel) as of current technology, Difficult to operate as some systems are unavilable (not fuel compartment leading to air-conditioner or general motors)

    As ypu can see, both weighted against each other (as of current technology). Thank-you!

  4. nifty@50 profile image68
    nifty@50posted 11 years ago

    The big pro is the fuel mileage, the Toyota Prius gets over 50 MPG's. Plug in hybrids run off of pure electricity for up to about 80 miles which costs pennies compared to gasoline, then the car reverts to a regular hybrid, running off a combination of gasoline and self generated electricity.
    The cons in my estimation still out way the pros. First there's the high initial cost. Repairs are higher than regular cars. When the batteries need to be replaced, you're talking several thousands of dollars. Manufacturing all of these batteries and trying to recycle them is extremely hard on the environment, this coupled with the fact that the plug in hybrids will be running off of electricity generated mainly by coal burning plants, has lead most experts re-think calling these cars "green". Conventional cars like the Chevy Cruze are entering the market place that boast 43 MPG's highway that seem to offer more bang for the buck.


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