What Are Your Top 10 Maintenance Tips For Cars?

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  1. Shil1978 profile image91
    Shil1978posted 7 years ago

    What Are Your Top 10 Maintenance Tips For Cars?

  2. hardlymoving profile image97
    hardlymovingposted 7 years ago

    1.  Find a good mechanic and avoid franchise repair shops.
    2.  Find a mechanic that has worked on the make and model vehicle of your car.
    3.  Find a mechanic that is honest.
    4.  Find a mechanic that gets quality parts at reasonable prices.
    5.  Find a mechanic with good references.
    6.  Find a mechanic that performs timely repairs.
    7.  Find a mechanic who can advise you on the maintenance schedule.
    8.  Find a mechanic that stays current with new technology.
    9.  Don't lose a good mechanic.
    10.  Read your owner's guide maintenance schedule.

  3. cup1981 profile image60
    cup1981posted 7 years ago

    10: Always refer to your owner's manual for the maintenance schedule and correct products to use. Never stray from the recommendations, engineers make them for a reason.

    9: Always dispose of fluids properly. Most automotive parts stores and some repair facilities will take old fluids for free.

    8: Coolant is highly toxic, always keep children and animals away from it. Consuming it can be fatal.

    7: Always tighten nuts and bolts to their recommended torque specifications. Over-tightening a bolt can be just as catastrophic as under-tightening one.

    6: The brand of the oil filter does matter. Find the one with the best flow rate, which is typically Fram Extra Guard or K&N.

    5: Don't attempt to maintain your own vehicle unless you are confident that you can complete it successfully.

    4: You CAN mix standard and synthetic oil at any ratio without any issue. You can also switch from synthetic to standard and back to synthetic as you please without issues. This is an old myth that came about many years ago.

    3: Never open your radiator cap or coolant expansion tank (overflow tank) when the engine is hot. You will get scalded, badly.

    2: Double--check that there are no leaks in the system you just serviced prior to driving anywhere.

    1: If you are jacking up a car for service, never just jack up one side, never use a spare tire jack to hold the car, always secure the vehicle with jack stands and never allow the floor jack to support the vehicle's weight.

    Honorable mention:

    Most 2000 and up cars do not have a distributor or a distributor cap, so a tune up involves just spark plugs and wires, in some cases. Even wires are being phased out in favor of coil-on-plug ignition systems.

    If you are working on a cooling system, buy the 50-50 premixed coolant instead of full-strength coolant, it makes life a lot easier.

    Buy the correct spark plugs for your vehicle. Running "hotter" plugs or premium plugs will not increase a modern, computer-controlled car's performance. Actually, it can decrease its performance, as the computer will compensate for the hotter plug. Also, never buy a plug of lower quality.

  4. spirit Perry profile image61
    spirit Perryposted 7 years ago

    Listen to you car,you will know when something is not right
    Treat your car good
    Value the car you have while you have it
    Walk around it; check tires and look for things hanging or falling off
    Service it more often than recommended if possible eg.-say you have a thousand km until your next oil change but your going on a five hour drive somewhere and back. Change your oil before you go to help save money on gas. It sounds strange but it works.
    Look for almost new used tires when you need them
    Do not forget to service all the oils
    Rotate your tires before it is too late

  5. Teylina profile image60
    Teylinaposted 7 years ago

    Really appreciate this hub! Have to admit I really loved what spirit said about "knowing your car."  On that score, I have to follow up by saying if you know something is just not right (after all, she's your best friend, right?) and some goofball says, "Oh, ain't nothing wrong--just one of those computer things" get it "computer checked" and do, please, stay away from the big guys--they'll fix anything, whether it needs it not! And use that manual! All you guys hit it straight, and I really like the question and the answers!


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