My Honda EOD Vibrates

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    massagujibaposted 22 months ago

    My Honda EOD Vibrates

    i have honda accord EOD 2003 model, I did balancing and alignment twice and also change the inner caps and the lower arms but still the car vibrates at 80-100 millage. Please whats the way forward.

    Thank you.

  2. MarieLB profile image82
    MarieLBposted 22 months ago

    I know next to zero about car engines, but I do like to know what goes on with mine. 
    I have a series 5 BMW - 16 years old, and normally purrs like a kitten, but recently has started to vibrate just like yours.

    I was told I need to get some of the ignition coils - in my case there are 6 of them - changed.

    could your problem be similar, I wonder?