Steering wheel pulsation under braking: Alloy wheels and steel rims

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    marquisfbsposted 18 months ago

    Steering wheel pulsation under braking:  Alloy wheels and steel rims

    I tightened my wheels using an air gun and didn't use a torque wrench. 3,000 km later  I got pulsations in the steering wheel when Braking at speed. I  planed / sanded the disks down using an angle grinder and flap disk running the  jacked up car in 5th. at first the problem was worse, then when I changed to winter tires and steel rims the problem seems almost gone or less noticeable.  the Alloy wheels have  thin alloy centering rings and are getting unreliable ( I can't get replacements ) is it likely, after the 'Home plane' the pads need to bed in? Do steel wheels help, or hide the problem?