What do you think that today's children with technology is more happy or the 90'

  1. Atuls7454 profile image59
    Atuls7454posted 10 months ago

    What do you think that today's children with technology is more happy or the 90's or before ?

    This is making current generation more sick. They have limited themselves within the walls of mobile,laptops and wifi. They don't need the fresh air outside.

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 9 months ago


    Every generation believes theirs was the best era to grow up in.
    Only an older person is in a position to make a comparison.
    However this would also mean that they cannot relate to the existing generation who wouldn't want to switch places with their parents or grand-parents era when there was one TV in the house a family watched together. The phone on a kitchen wall.
    Very few people wish they were born in a different era!
    Like most people I'm partial to my own era as well.
    The music was better, people seemed less depressed or stressed out, there was no such thing as social media bullying, playing meant going outside to engage with friends (in person), fast food was a treat and not a way of life, and kids actually looked forward to the day that they would be moving out of the house and taking on adult responsibilities. They embraced it!
    And yet I know there aren't any children today who'd rather give up their cell phone, X-Box, laptop and 42"  Smart Color TV with DVR (in their room) to go back to (my time). LOL!
    For this generation these are (their) good ole days!