One detail not noticed on cab and beds

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    NOT 2 SWIFTposted 4 months ago

    One detail not noticed on cab and beds

    Make sure that a cap you are looking at,, as in my case is the difference between the angle of a Quad cab,,a Crew cab and a Regular cab...In my case my 2012 Reg cab is contoured differently than a Quad of the same year cab resulting in a gap to cab issue....So I was told a Quad will fit a Crew but not the other way around....hmmm..But the Quad will fit a Reg a cab but with more of a gap..I will see later I am going to look at one now..

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    WheelSceneposted 3 months ago

    I am not sure what your question is? Are you wondering about the right size of truck? Or right size of cap? There are lots of sites online that will tell you what specific caps will fit on your exact make and model of truck. ( … guide.html)

    Good luck!