Truck Mount Kayak Racks

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    Love2Surfposted 7 years ago

    The advent of kayaking brought with it a host of new products several of which help carry your equipment as you travel. However, until recently much about kayaking had not changed. Kayak design (shape & materials) had been the same for years. The means of transporting kayaks has changed very little too! On any given day along our highways, you can see scores of kayakers traveling to numerous destinations. In tow is their kayaking equipment strapped onto their vehicle using various forms of rigging. It is not uncommon to see kayaks &/or equipment littering the highways from an ill-fated attempt to properly transport it. Less seen is the damage induced in the process. Bungee cords, rope, string, and straps are many times the only thing holding the gear in place. Improperly stored cargo bounces, slides, and in some cases�launches from their transport sites. This doesn�t have to be. There are legitimate ways of carrying gear securely and effectively.
    Probably the most known method of transport is the roof rack or gutter mount kayak rack. Definitely more secure than the bungee cord, the straps provided prove more than worthy. These gutter mount racks can be used on cars or mounted to truck shells. Another effective method of transport is a truck rack for your kayak and other gear. Mounted onto the truck bed or Toyota tie down cleats, accessories such as the L2S Sport Rack Bracket allow for a variety of gear and mounts.
    You donâ��t have to live in the past to be in the present. Shop around and compare products. Find out what the best outfit for your application is before itâ��s too late. Be a consciences consumer. As we search for alternative ways to keep our environment clean, look for better, more effective ways to keep what we have out of our landfills. Letâ��s keep our planet clean for those of us that love-2-kayak.   

    Author Bio: Greg Brogdon is a Lifetime Southern California/South Bay resident. He has worked in various aircraft manufacturing and aerospace sectors and has been a health educator for over ten years. He has published various abstracts and research papers including Nutritional Glycomics: How Defects in Glycosylation Contribute to Down Syndrome (McNair Journal 2004). He is the founder of Love 2 Surf� and the inventor of the L2S Sport Rack Bracket�.

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    dennis_brownposted 6 years ago

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