Sad Story...very comical though.

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    thranaxposted 9 years ago

    It took 3 months to make sure this story ended like this, so without further adieu here it goes:

         It was a sunny day, a great day. I had nothing to do and I felt like going to get some Chinese food. I call the guy and order a D16. Shortly later I grabbed my car keys and went to the car. I started my vehicle, everything worked the way it did before. I take a right out of my Court Road and drive up to the top of the hill. I then take a right onto Hobart Street- well on my way to my chow. I pull up in front of the place and make another left into there parking lot. I parked my car and hurried in for my food. I got my food and returned to my car got in and was ready to rush home to eat and watch Dane Cook. I start up my car, every things dandy and sweet, I pull out of the driveway and put my left blinker on. Disaster was now lurking in the sunshine of a great day...the green light on my dash blinked much quicker then it should have...DAM IT! My blinker light was out, I was now unhappy. To not destroy my day I drove home, popped in the cd and ate my meal. I didn't go anywhere else that night.
    --Next Day--
    I woke up about 9am, got dressed and ready to go to get a replacement bulb. I took out the car manuel and got the exact same light I had. When I got the light it came in a pack of 2, fun. So I drove home and got a screwdriver and replaced the bulb, yahoo! Fixed I went to get groceries for dinner...are you joking? When I was coming home from the store the SAME BLINKER LIGHT was out. -.- Really pisssed I put the food away, got the other bulb and replaced it. Its finnally fixed...or is it. I then was driving to my girlfriends house everyday, no traffic, no problems, everything awesome. Radio playing good music, no commercials, nothing in the road, everything is great. SO I arrive at my girlfriends house and she watched me turn onto her street and then into her driveway.
    She says "Hey sweetie, how you doing?"
    I replied "Great *kissed her* What you been up to?"
    She says "Nothing, just waiting out her for you to come-hey did you know your Right Blinker is out??"
    I paused.... I started my car, put the right blinker on and got out of the car to check. I don't know what the hell I said but it went something like "%^$# oh my *&#&in GOD! Son of a &$#^@ why the &^%$ is this @^%$in happening to me. %^%# !"
    Amused, she laughed at me and said "Sweetie, you just need to go to the store and buy another one."
    ...I didn't go buy another one. I stayed at her house and left after dinner. There are a lot of cops in my area and they really need to lay off a bit. While driving home I was lucky, there was a cop behind me. I would get a ticket if he known my right blinker was out. I didn't know what to do, so the 1st driveway I seen I made a Left turn into it, got out of my car and walked like I was going into the garage. I was lucky no one that lived there was home. With a sigh of relief I left there driveway and went home.
    --Next Day...--
    I got up at 9am again. The reason why I go to the store at this time is because if you are stopped by a cop you can say "my light went out last night, I was waiting for the store to open this morning." So I walk in, and I buy 2 more bulbs. I go home, get out my screwdriver and open it up again. To my amazement one of the bulbs was damaged, a crack in the back of the bulb... I thought this was an act of God smiting me for something I did. So, I thrown away all but the one new bulb, the one with the broken one in the package, and I examine it, PRAY, then install it. It worked like the others. I tested it 100 times without moving the car this time and it was working fine. This bulb is now, the bulb that has been there for a little over 2 months. Finally, my hell is over.

    Find a moral of this story? Blinkers Suck.

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    trackfodderposted 9 years ago

    I had a 58 Berkeley 328cc sports car.  It only weighed 710 lbs and 80% was on the front wheels.  I would put a quart of oil and 4 gallons of gas in the tank and pick the rear up and shake it to mix the oil and gas.  I drove up to a bank window once and a snotty teller said I had to be in a vehicle to use the facility.  I got out, held it up in front of the camera and said,"This is the best I can come up with, Lady". It was lacking in creature comforts, like a defroster.  I drove home in a sleet storm after evening shift with my bare hand holding a razorblade out front peeling ice so I could see to drive.  Heat? no problem- The exhaust pipe was clamped to the bottom of the car and the vinyl seat with foam sitting  on the floor was usually wet and steam would drift up my back.   I had a rear tire go flat one night and all I had was a 12" Crescent wrench, no jack.  I set it in my knee and changed the wheel.  My wife and kid and I got blocked in by a smarta-- at the Zesto drive-in so I got out and slid the rear sideways and backed out.  It had a Lucas(Prince of Darkness) windshield wiper that would slow down on hills like a vacuum unit  The harder I gassed it the slower it ran until it would stall altogether.  People thought I was kidding until I demonstrated it.  Curiosity got the est of me so I did a post-mortem.  I found a rotten rubber seal on a wiper shaft had allowed the motor to get wet and a brush spring rusted in two.  The engine was rigidly mounted and the harder I gassed it the harder the vibration and the brush danced more.  I made a new spring out of stainless controlline model airplane wire and it was OK.  I did rather well in Gymkhanas with it as it had a 70 inch wheelbase and front wheel drive.  It took a healthy full SCCA competition Sprite to whup me.  The thing had a monocoque fiberglass body with aluminum pieces here and there held together with pop rivets, and they were wearing the glass out and shifting about so I gave up and swapped it for a 61 bugeye Sprite.  I sure miss that car.

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    thranaxposted 9 years ago

    Lol, nice story! Come on people, more has to have some funny autostories they can share!