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Drunk Driving, The Car Hang On Cliff

  1. whiteorchids profile image70
    whiteorchidsposted 6 years ago

    I wrote about it. I am completely against it and my father died because of a drunk driver. I have forgiven the driver but our family member cannot be replaced. If people are going to drink they should be responsible and have a designated driver or drink at home. Never ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle. sad

    Those would be a great hub to write about since I do see that you do not have any published. AEvans on HP. smile

    1. Read-N-Learn profile image61
      Read-N-Learnposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I'm sorry for your loss. It's really terrible to know that there are lives that are just being wasted because of someone's negligence. Sadly, irresponsible drivers are there such as drunk drivers and reckless drivers who have no care about the lives that can be affected by their negligence. So awareness is very important for everyone to protect themselves from becoming a victim by irresponsible drivers, especially by drunk drivers. Here's a hub I wrote about that: http://read-n-learn.hubpages.com/hub/27 … ne-of-Them

  2. kmackey32 profile image66
    kmackey32posted 6 years ago

    I grew up my entire life without a father because when he was nineteen he chose to drink and drive. So, I am against it...

  3. wilderness profile image98
    wildernessposted 6 years ago

    There is no possible excuse for driving drunk.  I might be charitable the first offense, but second offense take away the keys forever.  If there's a third it calls for a decade behind bars.

  4. atechwiz profile image73
    atechwizposted 4 years ago

    I myself was recently in an accident caused by a drunk driver.  He made a left turn in front of me.  His blood alcohol level was .305 and the legal limit here is .08.  Not his first offense either.  My nine year old daughter was in the vehicle as well.  We were lucky as it could have been much worse.