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The Importance of a Motorcycle Alarm

Updated on September 20, 2014

Motorcycle Alarms

One might wonder why anyone would need a motorcycle alarm. Motorcycles are by no means immune to being stolen. As a matter fact, the problem is on the rise. In 2007 over 71,000 motorcycles were stolen. The cost to motorcycle owners for this crime was over 440 million dollars.

With some simple precautions like installing a motorcycle alarm, motorcycle owners can lower their risks of becoming a victim of this crime.

Installing a motorcycle alarm is one of those things. Due to the inherent differences between automobiles and motorcycles, more precautions need to be taken to prevent theft.

  • You can buy systems that are discreetly installed.
  • These systems can have remote activations to be carried on your key chain.
  • They can have ignition interrupt switches. If a person tries to start the bike without the alarm being deactivated first, the entire ignition system will be disabled.
  • They will also have motion sensors that chirp when a person gets too close to the bike. This serves as an early warning system to would be thieves. If amateur thieves think that they might draw attention to themselves, they are more likely to move along to an easier target

Professional thieves are unlikely to be deterred by a motorcycle alarm. There are some additional measures that you can take to prevent these persistent parasites from rolling off with your ride.

Some heavy chain or cable locks can be purchased that include a motion detector on them. Even if the person was able to get past the motorcycle alarm, they would have to get past the chain lock. These locks are passed through the tires to prevent the bike from being able to be rolled.

Although many spectators will ignore a motorcycle alarm system that has a blaring audible alarm, they will be much more likely to notice a thief who is trying to cut through the chain. A bike with the tire chained can still be stolen if a few guys are there to lift it into a trailer or a truck. Many bikes are actually stolen this exact way.

This is where another more covert method of passive security comes into play. Most people have heard of LoJack. This is a device that will immediately begin broadcasting the bikes location through the use of a network of satellites should your bike be stolen.

This device will even notify you if you motorcycle is stolen. It won't do anything to prevent the bike from being stolen but it will allow law enforcement to quickly recover the bike.

The best motorcycle alarm measures involves utilizing a multitude of tactics.

  1. Park your bike in a well lit area and crowded area. It might be tempting to park your new Harley in the back 40 of the parking lot to avoid the possibility of someone scratching it but this will also make it easier for a thief to do their dirty work. Never make things easy for a thief.
  2. Don't leave your bike unattended for extended periods of time. If you're not going to be around for several days, park it in the garage or in a neighbors driveway.
  3. Use a motorcycle alarm with an ignition disable feature, a wheel locking device, and a LoJack or similar device.

Motorcycles can be extremely expensive and unfortunately, they are also easy marks for thieves. Your job, if you don't want your motorcycle to be stolen, is to make it as difficult as possible for a criminal to steal it in the first place.

Do yourself a favor and buy a motorcycle alarm for your bike

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