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T-Mobile Android Phone A Customizable Phone!

Updated on February 19, 2011

T-Mobile Android Phone - Customize Your Phone To Suit Your Lifestyle!

So What's so great about a T-Mobile Android Phone?

Cell phone manufacturers have been striving to bring the world of technology to us and keep improving on their cell phones, features and designs.

Now we have more choices, than we used to years ago; flip phones, video phones, camera cellphone, phones with mp3, texting, emailing etc. Its almost as if you don't need a computer any more.

TMobile is one cell phone provider that keeps customers up to date with the latest phone technology and Android is one of them.

Some of you already know what's an Android phone and some of you probably don't know but for those of you who don't know what's an Android phone, I'll like to take this time to explain it to you.

Enjoying His Android Phone
Enjoying His Android Phone

Let's Take a Look at Android Phone

So the big question many of you're probably asking What's an Android Phone?

An Android phone is a new mobile operating system created by Google for smartphones, tablets, etc. that's build with an open architecture.

Mobile phones with touch screen interface like iPhone allows users to add apps. without changing the interface of the phone.

But Google build the Android in a way where anyone can develop apps and enhancement for their phones. In other words he made it a customizable phone where you can bring any feature you want on your Android phone without changing your phone.

What's So Distinguish About The Android Phone

iPhone for instance, allows users to add what ever apps they like on their phone but you can't change the court interface.

But with the Android phone apart from downloading thousands of FREE apps from the Android Market to your phone,

it gets better...

you can also change the applications that comes with your phone and run apps simultaneously.... humm.

It gets better than that

Let's say you switch your current phone provider to another cell phone provider and you don't like the feature offered by that phone provider; (address book, text or even the social network, etc.) and you prefer the phone features from your previous provider, you can easily customize your phone by downloading the applications (contacts, text etc.) you like from your previous provider.

Do you like that?

Now you don't have to learn a new phone setup anymore whenever you change cell phone providers.

That's soooo cool, I love that!

T-Mobile Android
T-Mobile Android

What other Features Do I Have on My Android Phone

With the Android phone you can;

  • Choose from over 100,000, apps (which is still growing ), from the Android Market™ widget on your home screen and download applications and games at your convenience.
  • You can browse the web with America’s Largest 4G NetworkTM 3G and 4G Android-powered smartphones provided at lightening speed which gives you fast load times, you also get Flash support on the latest Android phones, and a pre-loaded Google™ applications that are right at the touch of your fingertips.
  • You will be able to integrate social networking capabilities to your phone so you can keep up with your social circle and favorite sites.
  • You can customize your apps, widgets and home screens to suit it the way you like it.
  • Enjoy quick downloadable updates of popular apps like Google Maps for mobile.
  • You can also easily browse and upload photos to Picasa and other photo-sharing sites.
  • With the Android phone you can easily make a folder on your memory card and name it "Ringtones." Copy your MP3s in that folder and they will automatically show up in your selections list. (Folders called "Alarms" or "Notifications" will do the same thing for those respective functions. )
  • You can open multiple browser windows at the same time.
  • Tab the Menu key while in the browser to toggle between browser windows.
  • The Android includes anti-virus scanning for every app, backup your contacts, photos and call history and it can also help you find your phone if ever it gets lost.
  • Never miss a work email again with T-Mobile myTouch® 4G.
  • Every T-Mobile Android phone device comes pre-loaded with select Google tools, TMobile AppPack and one-touch access to Android Market™ where you'll find thousands of interesting apps to suit everyone!

T-Mobile Android Phone Offered For Everyone!

T-Mobile offers a wide range Android-powered smartphones and tablets to meet every one's need and to suit any one's budget.

I've listed some of T-Mobiles Android phone that’s right for you.

Hope the information is helpful on T-Mobile Android Phone, all the best as you explore customizing your Android phone to suit your lifestyle!


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    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 6 years ago from GA, United States


      Yes I agree with you, Samsung Galaxy is a really smooth android phone.

      Thanks for your comment!

    • profile image

      Discount mortgage Leads 6 years ago

      I use the Samsung Galaxy for my business its a really smooth android phone imo