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Top-Five, Proven Tips On Writing Web Content in 2017 (That Actually Work)

Updated on July 28, 2020
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If you happen to be related to any aspect of digital marketing, there are fair chances that you will be aware of this famous line 'Content is king" by Bill Gates. Have you ever given a thought that who is the queen then?

Kudos to those who guessed it right! If the content is a king in the virtual world, then quality is queen. In this hub, I will discuss with you factors that make online content qualitative.

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Write Simple:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This saying is absolutely true for web content. You don't have to impress your visitors with big words and ornamental prose. Anyone who comes to your website or blog wants some information. And your prime objective should be to provide that information in simple, clear, and precise manner. Visitors come to your website or blog for information, not for your writing style. If they want to read good writing they will read William Shakespeare for sure.

One more reason why you should write in plain English is your target audience might be in the countries where English is not the first language. Using heavy words and complex sentence structures might present difficulties to such readers. Therefore, writing simple and clear not only makes your content reader friendly but also provides it with large demographic exposure.

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Write relevant:

Relevant writing is the most vital factor for the success of your content. Whether it is website or blog, your first and foremost objective should be writing relevant content. Here relevant content means write about what people are searching for your niche. Most of the times, people are searching solutions for their problems. Just provide them with the solutions.

Let me explain it to you: suppose you work as a Microsoft Excel consultant and you have a blog. The people in your domain might be searching for tips to use Excel optimally.You should offer tips in your blog if you want your content to be relevant. To know what your visitors are in search of, you have to do proper research. Always remember the golden rule: people don't care what you know, they only care how you can help them.

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Write scannable:

Many studies have suggested that visitors of a website or blog don't read the content between the lines. They just skim through it. So, you should organise the content in a way that it can be scanned easily. For doing so, you can use bullets, subheadings, italics, and bold letters.

A study has concluded that visitors read a web page in 'F' pattern. This means they read first few lines, then skim through the middle, and at last have a glance at the end. You should organise your important information in this pattern. You must not forget adding white space to your web page. This not only increases aesthetic value, but also makes your web page scannable.

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Write short:

The rule is you should write short sentences and short paragraphs. Explain only one idea in one paragraph and your paragraph should not contain more than 5-6 sentences. If your sentences are short, it increases the reading speed of visitors. And short sentences are easy to scan. You should avoid advance punctuation in your content. The less punctuation your content has, the better it will be.

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Reread and edit:

This is the most import aspect of your content writing. Proofreading the content is the last but not the least step of writing content. It is a must-do part of the process. Read your content twice before making it live. It is better to take the help of others to review your content. Remember, there is no mediocre writing, either it is good or bad. So, try to give your content a seal of quality. Your visitors will certainly love it.

Never let the king walk alone, he should always be with a queen.

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