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10 Free Ways to Execute A Daily Marketing Plan and Positioning Strategy for Your Small Business.

Updated on October 3, 2012

Running a small business takes dilligence, a bit of stubborness, and even money. If you're reading this then chances are you've experienced one of the three.

The daily ins and outs of your business can become monotonous, which is why a rigid marketing plan would be helpful. Creating a plan can help you develop into disciplined business owner, and success gets easier to gain.

When you have a list of marketing tasks to adhere to daily it becomes habitual - and it is these habits that will make you a consistent marketer.

The following are ten affordable (if not free) and effective marketing strategies that will ensure results in your business. Whether you have a mobile dog grooming business, or an eBay store you know it's about generating traffic.

Refer to these tips anytime, bookmark, or feel free to share with your business associates. There results are quite remarkable!

1. Comment on Ezine Articles

One awesome positioning strategy you ought to consider is the strength in articles. These are simply textual content that you'll find online (hopefully) solving a problem. I subtly mentioned hopefully because only the best articles get the best traffic. Ezine Articles is the NY Times of the newspaper world in terms of article directories.

It's the most trafficked directory, and the primary benefit by your comment activity is leaving backlings. Comment on a relevant article daily and it will boost your search engine ranking. Ezine is a highly authoritative site in the eyes of search engines, so don't underestimate this simple strategy.

2. Contribute to a Forum

Forum marketing is a brilliant website positioning strategy because of its longevity. Your assignment is to search for a forum related to your niche. Join one if you haven't already. Many forums will allow a a backlink to your website in your signature. The sig is left each time you leave a post in the forum. For this to work in a marketing plan your posts have to be consistent (daily). You must add value to the forum and try your best not to get banned.

This strategy works well because your signature is permanent. Forums stay up for years, and it's fresh content makes them a darling to search engines. *Hint* Keep your posts, signature, and forum profile relevant to your industry. This makes for SEO favor!

What is "PR?"

PR is an often used term in the internet world for page ranking. Search engines use complex algorithms to determine which websites deserve priority in search queries. The page ranking of a particular website is just a variable in the equation.

4. Hubpages

A marketing plan without Hubpages in it is a hindered one. If you're not familiar with this website it is basically a creative content directory with a community feel. With a few adjustments in your back office settings you will starting earning to publish your content on Hubpages right away. The community attracts a lot of traffic so advertisers salivate to pay Hubpages. The fine folks at HP are so generous that they agree to share a portion of ad revenue with you.

Each day log into the community and participate! Ask and answer questions, publish hubs, and take part in their forums. *Note* signatures cannot (and probably never will) be added to forum posts here. You want to make this consistent effort of leaving quality backlinks on a site like HP. Their page ranking is impressive.

5. Post a Classified Ad

One of the first things you need to do when you begin work is post a classified ad. The website positioning strategy works well, but much like forum marketing you have to be consistent. Ads won't work each day due to the cascading effect of chronological just get pushed down the page. So do it each day.

Use the classified ad sites with high page rankings: Craigslist, Backpage, and Classified The later of the three will allow you to post ads for 6-9 months! Not a bad backlinking tool. Sponsored ads on Backpage work great as your ads are prominently highlighted in front of a city's traffic. Craigslist is powerful, but don't abuse the system - of the three sites don't overpost on CL. Emphasize on captivating headers, a short ad body, and a call to action and classified ads will enhance a marketing plan.

6. Leave a Youtube Comment

Owned by Google and a top five website in the world, it goes without saying that your small business ought to have a presence on the 'tube. For this to work you obviously have to have a Youtube account because you cannot comment without one. The link that's left is your channel so make sure you have one set up related to your brand. Each day watch a relevant video and leave a thoughtful comment; not the "cool video!" And even if you don't have a channel set up yet, still accumulate these comments in the mean time.

7. Comment on a NetDivvy Article

NetDivvy is a hot marketing system that has a built in article directory (among other tools). The plus about submitting your articles here is the premier traffic your content will recieve. Everything that gets added to the NetDivvy servers seem to fair extremely well on search engine results. Your content will get seen by other small business owners, and NetDivvy is rising fast. This means that if you get there first your valuable comments will be at the top. This means more traffic.

8. Publish a Video, Article, or Blog Post

A sound marketing plan surely has to have "sticky" content published each day. Sticky content is referred to as the type that stays stuck online for years. These are videos and articles. Every day you need to write an article related to your industry. You don't need to be of author quality, but you do need to provide value and help someone with what you're great at. Of all the website positioning strategies on this list this one can't be ignored. Don't overthink your videos and articles but stay focused on the reader. Also, add content to your blog more than an article directory.

9. Use Backlink Agent.

Backlink Agent is a third party resource that makes it simple for you to locate the quality backlinks. Instead of searching around for them it gathers thousands of relevant websites that you can leave comments on or add links to.

It's a real time saver as all you have to do is enter your search term into the search bar, and viola! The key to effective marketing is placing as much relevant content in as many places as possible. When you can have all the backlink opportunities brought to you your marketing efforts are leveraged.

10. Syndicate Some Content

After you create and publish some educational content your next mission is to get it to go viral. This means adding that blog post or article to Reddit or Digg. This also means placing a link to your video on You can't just do all that work to create content and not get it out there. Use the likes of Pinterest, Facebook, and Stumble Upon to get exposure. The best part is if someone else likes it they will share it....on so on. This can be very powerful.

If you have any tips or have a marketing plan that you would like to share, please add to the comments below. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

About the Author

Kevin Timothy is a traffic generation coach that loves to teach others how to maximize the power of the internet. He offers small business owners a way to generate massive amounts of prospects, all while generating a supplemental income. To learn more, visit Marketing Mecca on Facebook.


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    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Hey, looks great so far! I'll be back to provide readers with an update. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      ColDaw2 5 years ago

      I agree that creating a marketing plan is integral to the progression and success of a business. Years ago, when I created my business, I didn't have a clue on how to create or implement a marketing plan. So I did a little research for an online marketing planning tool that will guide me every step of the way. And thankfully, I came across a great online planning tool called PlanAnything. It is an online planning tool that guides you through every stage of a marketing plan, whilst providing you with guidance information, Examples and other online resources that can help you. It made my marketing planning process ten times easier to complete and massively reduced the time it took to complete. It is completely free to use and I couldn't recommend it anymore, visit and check it out for yourself, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.