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What it Takes For Effective Free Classified Advertising on the Internet

Updated on June 6, 2012

Familiar with SEO? All it takes is spending a small fraction of your day on the internet and you'll see it: Search Engine Optimization. Its the talk of the town there, and if you desire visibility you better get used to it.

A great way to be seen on the internet is by using classified ads for whatever your purpose is. Trying to sell a hamster or a car? Try it. What about an antique or a business opportunity? It'll work for you too!

Now, running classified ads for true success takes more than just typing words. Anyone can write out the best advertisement but it's deemed irrelevant if the ad can't get found. There are classified ad networks that are very search engine friendly that you need to be aware of (which you'll find this article).

Did you know that you can seriously increase the chances of your ad being found by including keywords in your title? This means not only will the users of these ad networks find you, but so can millions of casual internet surfers. Tremendous if you ask me!

Classified Ads - Part 1


This is the best friend of all search engines but be careful not to overpost. Keep your ads to no more than one per day. Craigslist has infamously been in the news far too much and they will not tolerate classified ads for your spamming. This is one of the world's most heavily trafficked websites and because of this, the search engine giants like Yahoo, Bing, and Google keeps them indexed.

Classified Ads - Part 2


I'm really starting to develop a love affair with this site. Within only months of placing ads I already began to see them in Google searches. You should've seen my facial expression the day I did a test search, and an ad I placed just days prior appeared on the second page of Google. The plus with Hoobly is that they allow you to place classified ads for multiple cities. Of course, put some variation in them. An extremely keyword friendly network, but no html. Omit html coding and the ad will look unattractive.

Classified Ads - Part 3


This site is a favorite because of its search engine friendliness and its ability to use HTML code in the ads. Also, you will really like the idea of posting an ad here once then getting it broadcasted to many social networks. This is a great idea for those already with large numbers of internet friends. Instead of creating a bulletin in each social network, why not create classified ads for the masses instead.

Use classified ads for anything that you may want to earn extra cash for. With the state of today's economy I urge you to attempt to master a new marketing skill. Remember, find some great keywords and get creative with your ad title. It really works! Some other reputable classified ad sites are Backpage, Webcosmo, and Test them out and use the chosen ones in your daily marketing arsenal.


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