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10 Project Management Softwares

Updated on October 2, 2013

Why do you need Project Management software?

Project Management is becoming a very popular subject. A Project Manager has a full responsibility for the success or failure of a project. This is not a small tasks, because projects are unique in nature, challenging, require a disciplines project team and it has to satisfy many stakeholders expectations.

In order to achieve the project objectives and goals, a Project Manager must plan, organize and track project activities on a regular basis. Project Management software helps in achieving these goals. The software is a good tool for a Project Manager who wants to be efficient in managing single projects or multiple projects.

Benefits of the Project Management software

Project Management software has a lot of benefits for the business and the Project Manager.

  • it provides a clear view of the project timeline - the Gantt Chart clearly shows the start and finish dates of the project and individual tasks.
  • it includes all the steps required - the Work Breakdown Structure lists all the tasks required
  • it can be updated very easily - you change a date or a link in your project and the entire project file is updated automatically.
  • it lets you track your work - once you saved a Baseline, you can enter the actual work, cost or durations and the software will compare your Baseline with the actual data.
  • it lets you monitor the tasks and the resources -
  • it calculates the Earned Value and the project budget - once you saved a Baseline, the software will compare the Baseline against the actual data and it will show you the variances.
  • it generates great reports for all stakeholders involved - not only the Project Manager can run the inbuilt reports, but it can customize reports as well.
  • it notifies the Project Manager when a task is late - the deadline feature notifies the Project Manager when a task is late so he/she can take corrective actions in time.
  • it can perform very advanced calculations - several functions are included in the software allowing the Project Manager to use them for its advantage.
  • it is fully customizable - you can customize the tables, the forms, the fields, the reports, the filters and the groups to suit everyone's needs.
  • it allows better project planning - since the Project can be updated very easily, the Project Manager can spend more time on the planning phase to make sure there will be no nasty surprises.
  • it speeds up the work of a Project Manager - you can create templates which will shorten the time a Project Manager spends on planning.
  • easy calendar creation - it allows the users to create customized calendars and define working time and time slots for the resources.
  • it manages critical tasks - the software can calculate the slack time and therefore letting the user see which tasks are critical

10 Project Management software described

The top 10 Project Management software are:

Tenrox Project Management Software Summer Heat

  1. Microsoft Project
  2. Project KickStart
  3. MindView 3 Business
  4. Genius project for Domino
  5. ProjectPlan
  6. FastTrack Schedule 10
  7. RationalPlan Multi Project
  8. Service Desktop Pro
  9. ConceptDraw Project 6

Tenrox Project Management Software Summer Heat

Deploy Tenrox Cloud-based Project Planning software is an easy to use planning tool. It is very effective and interchangeable with Microsoft Project software. It is easy to learn and simple. It takes little time to setup and it requires no maintenance. The software can be cloud based (used using a browser) or can be installed on the company’s premises. It looks like Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a office integrated software. You can use to delegate work to your team members, set up a project plan, add tasks, resources, constraints and deadlines. It tracks the project and lets you know when you have over allocated resources and delays in tasks progress. Linked to a Project Server, it facilitates the effective management of resources and multiple projects.

Project KickStart

The application uses a wizard interface for planning a project. The wizard asks the users to enter goals, tasks, assignments and project phases. It generates a Gantt Chart based on a calendar. The files created in this application can be exported into Microsoft Project, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.

MindView 3 Business

MindView 4 Business is ideal WBS software which utilizes mind mapping to develop a project scope. It shows tasks information and calculates the project costs. It can be integrated with Microsoft Project.

Genius Project for Domino

Genius Project for Domino integrates easily with your Lotus platform. It is not costly to implement it. This software is the best project and portfolio management system. It is fully compatible with existing company infrastructure. It has an inbuilt Gantt Chart tool. You can use it with a browser or with the Lotus Notes client.


ProjectPlan has all the features of Microsoft Project but it is much cheaper to purchase. It includes the features you need to create a detailed project plan in a very short time. This software lets you lists tasks, add and assign resources and create your schedule. It allows you to track actual work against your plans.

FastTrack Schedule 10

This software is used to plan, track and report your project goals. It helps you manage your projects successfully. It improves group collaboration and has a reliable tracking capability. It calculates and controls costs. It ensures that your projects are on schedule.

RationalPlan Multi Project

This software is designed for Project Managers who have to manage multiple concurrent projects and shared resources from a centralized location. It handles project dependencies and shares project resources. It can be used as stand alone or linked to a server.

Service Desktop Pro

Service Desktop Pro is an integrated Business Information Management Software. It is very cheap to purchase and it is used mainly by IT companies, Small businesses, Web and Software developers. It handles tasks, schedules, events, calendars, finances, risks and Gantt charts.

ConceptDraw Project 6

ConceptDraw PROJECT 6 is a full-featured project management software. It keeps you informed about the status of your project through project dashboards. Project dashboards display all key performance indicators on one screen so you can take immediate action whenever necessary. It displays the project visually and lets you create reports with one click. It has Gantt Charts, resources views and keeps your stakeholders informed with current status.


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    • profile image

      Heisenberg 4 years ago

      My wife uses ConceptDraw at work on PC and on MacBook at home. This set is good for everybody who need to structure their data and visualize it in eye-catching style. The software has a wide range of applications spanning from business process management to education, law, consulting, and more..

    • itesbpoindia profile image

      Kamal 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      it seems you have done a lot of research.

      professionalism in your hub says that..

      good job keep it up..


    • Magdalena55 profile image

      Magdalena Todor 6 years ago from Australia

      Thank you for your suggestion. I will.

    • profile image

      Sal 6 years ago

      You should also take a look at DeskAway ( for easy collaboration, delegation & follow-up.