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10 Steps For Getting a Sucessful Adwords Campaign

Updated on August 16, 2011

Google adwords is the program by Google that allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to create ads that will be displayed in Google websites. The fantastic thing abou adwords is that you have access not only to Google search, but also to a huge number of web sites where Google ads are also displayed.

Have you ever seen a website with small text ads? Well, chances are these ads were generated by Google, and they are paying a good amount of money for their creator.

With Google adwords you can get access to your clients at any time of the day or night. It is an opportunity that very few people had until recently, and now Google is making this opportunity available to anyone.

10 Steps to Create a Sucessful Adwords Campaign

Creating a successful adwords campaign is not difficult, but you need to go through some preparation before you are able to reap the benefits of reaching your customers.

  1. Do some research on the topic you want to promote. A common mistake for beginners is to create a campaign without having a clear understanding of what you are advertising. With adwords, you get more if you can clearly define the basic information about the product you want to promote.
  2. Understand the target audience. Be sure that you also know who you are selling to. By doing this, you can see their habits and buying patterns. This can make the difference between a successful campaing and a mediocre one.
  3. Define a set of keywords. Everything in Adwords is about keywords, the words that web users type on the search box. If you want to sell on adwords, you need a good set of keywords that your customers will click.
  4. Try to get variations of keywords. Having the basic keywords is not enough! Do additional research to find keywords that go together with that one. You need to diversify the way you present your ads, so people will find it when they search related words.
  5. Create relevant ads. If you have the right keywords but don't do enough to create relevant ads, you are losing your time. People will not click on your ad if they think it is not interesting.
  6. Use the keywords on the ad. People love to see confirmation by looking that the keywords they typed. You should incorporate these keywords in the ad for higher conversion.
  7. Use capitalized letters. If you want to stand out, capitalized letters will help you. They are more attractive, and most people are compelled to click in this case. You will see a great increase in clicks if you use this trick.
  8. Use words that sell. You should make your ads dynamic using active words. For example, buy now is a term that can help increase you click through rate.
  9. Keep testing. Not every ad is a success. You have to continue testing your ads and improve it until you get to a good level of response. You can use split testing, for example, to increase the response to your ad.
  10. Send users to relevant pages. It doesn't matter if you spend time sending users to a page that is not relevant. You just lost money that way. Make the destination page relevant to your business so you can get more for each click.


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