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10 marketing tips you must follow

Updated on March 27, 2013

You're already well on your way to becoming a marketing pro. I can tell because you're diligently reading articles like this one. You're looking for all 10 marketing tips you must follow and then some, which is a great way to improve your strategies and results. This is something you should be proud of, as many businesses fail simply because they are not aware that there are things they have yet to learn about marketing.

You clearly do not posses that challenge, which is why we're happy to present you with 10 tried and true marketing tips you must follow in order to take your business to the top.

10. Get Educated - While you're clearly already going through the process of educating yourself by reading all the small business marketing tips the internet has to offer, I want to make sure that you don'tstop doing thatever. One of the simple truths about marketing is that it is a constantly evolving process of learning and applying knowledge. Continue to grow and learn and your business will flourish.

9. Precisely Focus Your Campaigns - Don't fall in amongst the ranks of people who believe they are the universes gift to the world, which somehow means their product or service is somethingeverybody wants or needs. Instead, recognize that the only way to be profitable is when you pinpoint your specific market segment by doing intense demographic and psychographic research. Really get into the heads of those customers that are most likely to intensely enjoy and seek out what you have to offer. This doesn't mean you're excluding everyone else from your products or services, it simply means you are not out there to waste your time, which means you have more of it for yourself and your loyal customers.

8. Stir Things Up Often - Marketing is all aboutstimulation. That's the need it fulfills for both consumers and suppliers alike. Marketing experts know that advertisements and campaigns are not just benign efforts to grab attention, they are full on experiences meant to stimulate the minds they reach. They are designed to capture attention, engage desire and inspire immediate action. This is what powerful campaigns created by marketing experts are made of. In order to follow in their successful footsteps you simply need to remember that while consistency does show dependability, it also gets veryboring and that is the drop-ax to all marketing campaigns. Once people have seen an ad more than a dozen times, they complete ignore it, which defeats the purpose of marketing. You want them towant to watch or read. You want people towantto pay attention and then take action, not change the channel or leave the ad without clicking. Re-engage your customers by making sure you change your marketing tactics often.

7. Create a Calendar - I know it seems all too traditional but the truth is that structure is what all projects need to succeed and marketing is included in that. With that notion out of the way, make room in your mind for making a calendar of events for your marketing needs. If you have a blog, set up your posts by week, month, quarter and year. The same for other marketing efforts. Sellable documents, books, commercials, viral affairs. Break it down and then chunk it up into manageable segments that you can use to hold yourself accountable as you grow and enjoy the benefits of thriving business from your powerful marketing skills.

6. Syndicate Everything - The power of being able to write it now and post it later has really revitalized the world of promotions and marketing. Don't take the tool lightly and make sure you use it as often as possible. Blogs, newsletters, sales, social networking - get it done and out of your way now so that everyone can reap the benefits of your free time.

5. No Solo Flying - One of the best small business marketing tips anyone can receive is the knowledge that Solo work will get you nowhere. Sure, there will be plenty of times when you'll have to do many things yourself, but doing everything yourself all the time puts you on the fast track to professional burnout. Make sure you have solid support and passionate partners or enthusiastic employees to help you get your marketing taken care of correctly.

4. Don't Make Anyone Wait - No one likes to wait but more importantly, when you do make your customers wait to hear from you or receive something from you, it says to them that you value your own time more than you value theirs.

3. Be Seductive - Sure, sex appeal will get you far, though this tip has more to do with thechase than theendresult. Marketing is all about learning toattract your pray instead of hunting for it, which means your marketing needs to be attractive and alluring so that your customers will be falling all over themselves in order to get what you have to offer. The best way to do this: Get into your customers shoes and figure out what it would take to entice them and get them to make small commitments directed towards getting your services or products.

2. Give More of Yourself - Being in business is all about the art ofserving others. Yes, we all want to support ourselves and our families and that is often an initial reason to get into business, but in the end it's those who learn how to give as much of themselves as they can, who create success.

1. Change Your Story - If you're marketing campaigns have thus far been ineffective or not as powerful as you would like them to be, recognize that somewhere in your mind you have created a 'story' that is preventing you from succeeding. You might feel you don't have enough time or enough help, or maybe you don't feel you have enough money to do better. Regardless of what you believe the challenge to be, there is always a way to overcome it and create better marketing campaigns. You only have to accept this fact to easily change your story from one of struggle to one of success.


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      torrilynn 4 years ago

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      you must learn the proper techniques to market yourself

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