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10 Ways To Make Your Boss Happy - Impressing Bosses

Updated on August 30, 2017

Nothing progresses at work, till your boss is happy with you! Hard work and dedication doesn’t always make the boss happy. There is something more to hard work and dedication– a few tricks and knowing about everything which pleases your boss.

Think about someone who joined much later than you but is the one who is always getting applauded, receiving incentives, motivational mails, and rewards and is always in the good-books of your boss. You – in spite of all the patience, hard work and punctuality always misses the opportunities, rewards and awards due to some reason or the other. The trick lies in impressing the boss – doing everything which he notices and makes him happy. Your success will be assured.

Things are not going to get better if you look for another job or if you choose to speak up. The struggle will continue – in this office or another.

Why not look for ways to impress your boss?

1. Come In Early and Leave Late

Nothing can make a boss happy than employees who reach early before time and work much beyond the regular working hours. So, if you were punctual all these years and still things never worked for you, come in at least 15 minutes early and stay back at least 30 minutes beyond usual working hours. The trick is in getting noticed and once you are able to catch the attention of your boss, you are definitely going to gain.

Just be careful that you have work to show - mere sitting and surfing the internet for a few hours after work can be really dangerous.

2. Be a Team Contributor

You need to do everything which helps in building momentum immediately. Whenever an activity is allotted to your team or a task is given for all, you need to quickly identify and make a contribution. This will help in building a positive perception. You will be a long term winner.

3. Prioritize Work

This is an intelligent way to get all the work done on time, in spite of reeling under huge work pressure. Start with work which needs to be done first and is of utmost importance. This way you are not going to miss deadlines. Complaining about too much work pressure and how difficult things are at your workplace will just build a negative atmosphere at work.

4. Communicate, Know People, Interact

If you wish to succeed, you need to speak. You need to communicate in the right time and with right people. Sitting at your desk all day and not interacting with others in the office is not going to help you. A good idea is to eat lunch with other, walk around the office, ask people about their work and find answers to all that you want to know. Interaction will build your popularity and your boss will realize your positive presence in the office.

5. Bringing New Ideas Helps

Did someone tell you that bringing coffee for your boss will help you get that project? No – it doesn’t work that way! Instead a good way to win your boss is to bring new ideas for the business and propose it. Do not be scared about expressing your opinion for the benefit of your company.

6. Be Receptive and Open Minded

Differences will arise, negative feedback has to be accepted – the idea is to be open minded and handle every situation with utmost patience. If you know your boss is not doing it right, do not get agitated and be rude. Try to be receptive and then put forth your views. If someone rejects your hard work, be open minded and learn what went wrong with your project. Your boss will soon notice your positive attitude and your open minded nature which will help you.

The Art Of Being Open Minded

7. Be Curious, Show Eagerness

If it is your first day at work, you need to show deep interest in work. You should show the initiative to identify all the internal customers. You can introduce yourself, get known in the office and learn as much as you can. Being curious and open at work is always appreciated.

8. Be Energetic

We all like energetic people – sluggish people or people who are reluctant to take up new challenges, new work or changes in the workplace are known to have a difficult time. Accept all changes with great energy and positivity. Your boss will love your attitude and your ability to ring in a positive atmosphere in the office.

Learn How To Stay Energetic During Your Working Hours

9. Know The Vision Of The Company

Until you know the vision and goals of your company, it will be difficult for you to bring clarity in your actions and work. Once you have a clear understanding about your company visions, you will be in a better position to complete your jobs and work towards the fulfillment of your career goals too. Your boss will also realize your inclination and dedication.

10. Never Lose Focus

If you wish to make your boss happy, never lose focus from your work. Dedication and hard work pays and when you are focused towards your goals and objectives, success will not be far away.

Tried To Impress Your Boss - What Have You Done So Far?

Which Of The Following Things Have You Done To Impress Your Boss?

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