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200 Articles and 1 Year of Learning How to Write Online

Updated on May 13, 2013

I am about to celebrate my first year of writing online. I write in many different places and have just published my 200th article. I've reached the point where I'm writing in so many places that it's becoming hard even for me to remember them all, so in case my readers are wondering, I'm going to list them all here, in one hub...

My adventure online began in 2005 with selling on eBay and soon after that, selling on Amazon. Since then I've collected over 4,000 in feedback and learned how to sell enough online to make a living from it. So it was appropriate that it was Suzanne Wells, The Ebay Coach, who introduced me to the concept of residual income.

A year ago eBay was getting harder to make money from. I found I loved earning money online, but didn't like that part of my house was a permanent storage for all the items I had listed on eBay.

I had a new vision. I could earn money online with my trusty laptop and keep my house clutter free at the same time. Little did I know it would take me a year to reduce my eBay store to where I could see the floor again.


I was already teaching anti-clutter classes and so it was natural that I have a HubPages ID dedicated to getting rid of stuff. Then I developed a second HubPages ID, TinaAtHome, initially dedicated to parenting, homeschool and education, but rapidly this became the main place I wrote. I started writing for the HubMob every week and this is where I wrote all the other articles on anything but clutter.

It was a while later I developed Cyber Scribe. I started teaching others to write online and it was only natural that I would turn that class into hubs, so I put them together under a separate HubPages ID called Cyber Scribe.


When I taught the classes about how to write online, I recorded them all using Camtasia and then broke them up into shorter videos and published them on YouTube. So I have a complete YouTube Channel that is dedicated to writing mainly on HubPages but also other places.


Right from the start I learned the benefits of backlinking and opened an account at RedGage. I added bookmarks and also some photographs. The most money I earned in one day was when one of my photographs was the featured photograph. RedGage seems very busy and I'm constantly getting requests from people wanting to be my online friend.


I've written about 15 articles on Xomba, and also a lot of bookmarks for my articles. Recently, however, Xomba have changed their rules and you are no longer allowed to bookmark your own work on their site. That, with other changes, I'm wondering about my future there as a writer.


I was initially impressed with the quality required to write on InfoBarrel. My first 10 articles had to be approved before they appeared live on the site. This showed me they were interested in quality and real writers. Just recently they have improved their site and it has a better look. I haven't written much there for a while, but I think I should write more.


Best-Reviewer is a place where you can write lists, and if you have written a number of hubs on the same topic, it's a good place for bookmarking. I also wrote a list of similar items with my Amazon Associate code until I learned that wasn't what Best-Reviewer was intended for.

Facebook Fan Page

I have developed a Facebook Fan Page that mainly deals with clutter articles. It currently has only 22 fans, but I intend to grow that in the future.


I was writing articles at a rate of 20 every 30 days when I discovered WebAnswers. All I can say is it hit me as an addiction. For two solid months all the writing I did was answer questions on WebAnswers. It was quick and easy and I earned revenue daily as soon as my AdSense account was linked in there.

I've calmed down a little and now only answer about 10 questions a day, but article writing takes concentration and effort, answering questions seems an easier way to earn revenue online.

Right now the top two places I earn revenue are HubPages and WebAnswers. It seems I'm not the only one with that opinion.

Have a look at this for the earnings potential of one WebAnswers member.


What are you willing to do for $5? That's the slogan of Fiverr and linked into my Fiverr account are ways to improve your hubs, how to sell on eBay and help with decluttering. Have a look at what I'm willing to do for a Fiverr here

Student of Fortune

After answering many questions on WebAnswers, and really enjoying the math questions, I tried my hand at Student of Fortune. This is a site where you can help people with homework questions. They ask a questions, many people answer, but only one person gets paid. I heard many stories of lots of people earning a lot of money on Student of Fortune. I was there for about a week and failed to earn a penny. It was easier to go back to WebAnswers and answer other questions.


BellaOnline is the second biggest website for women. It has about the same number of unique visitors as HubPages. As I write this I've been BellaOnline's Living Simply Editor for one week. They have a training course which lasts 4 weeks. There is an intensive training program to teach you how to write online. The earnings method is a little different from the other sites I've been writing on, and right now I'm a unsure how I can make money there. But I do have an official corner of the Internet that is truly mine and I'm finding learning a new process intellectually stimulating.

Article number 200 was How to Get Rid of Stuff, written on BellaOnline

When I signed on with BellaOnline I decided that I wouldn't write with any more sites as there is a danger of spreading my writing too thin and not being able to sufficiently build up any readership. But then this morning I discovered that Joshua Sunforged had developed a Revenue Sharing Bookmarking Site and I'm tempted to join.

What do you think the future will hold?

Where do you write and what do you think of these sites I have mentioned?

Is there anywhere you write that I haven't mentioned that you prefer?

Let me know in the comments area.

Just for fun my son made this video for me!


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    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 4 years ago from Georgia

      I loved this article. I found it through Molometer's article about Webanswers because I had read that article one month ago, started with Webanswers and LOVE it! I made a comment on Molometer's article thanking him, and found a link to yours. My, you have been busy. I loved your son's video!!! So cute. I am having most of my success with HubPages and Webanswers even though I have only been on Webanswers for a short time. The link you provided for Webanswers is over 900 days old. I am wondering with all the changes in algorithms, etc, if it's still as lucrative. Well, I guess even if it's half as lucrative, I'm ok with that!!! LOL! I know we aren't supposed to list earnings but are you making a monthly payout from Webanswers alone yet? Or, if you don't want to answer that, could you tell me if your results have shown that it's feasible for people to do that?

    • Cyber Scribe profile image

      Cyber Scribe 5 years ago from Cyber Space

      Sunshine625, this hub was written nearly a year ago, I'm already planning my 2 year hub. 2011 was such an INTERESTING year!

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Wow! Impressive!! I'm going to have to follow you around to learn some tricks of the trade!!

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 5 years ago from Thailand

      Interesting review. I've been doing almost exactly the same thing on most of the sites that you mention. I know that it will take time to earn well from them, but also know that a decent income is possible with a lot of effort.

    • ameliejan profile image

      ameliejan 6 years ago from Alicante, Spain

      This is a very helpful article! I like HubPages but think other sites are confusing, especially the sheer quantity of them.

    • profile image

      anjananair1981 6 years ago

      It is a nice article.It gives lot of information.

    • profile image

      AKHIL KM 6 years ago




    • profile image

      Johannes 6 years ago

      It was very interesting to see a online income idea.

      I'd also like to try one.

    • KERB profile image

      tmacc 6 years ago from USA

      I Love the Video below! However did you manage creating that? WOW -

    • KERB profile image

      tmacc 6 years ago from USA

      wonderful article, thank you for sharing...

    • Kalyko profile image

      Kalyko 6 years ago

      Thanks for the informative list. I am especially intrigued with web answers. Voted up and rated useful.

    • Madurai profile image

      Madurai 6 years ago from Online

      yeah.. I liked this page and just now I shared it in my facebook .. nice one to read,,