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21 Tips on Dealing with Career Issues

Updated on March 31, 2011
Career Tips
Career Tips

Tips to Deal with Career Related Issues

1 Take time and let you know about yourself; assess your strengths and weaknesses.

2 Do not let other decide what you should do

3 Set your own goals and achieve them.

4 Keep in mind where you want to move on in next 10 years

5 Stay focused

6 Don’t be a Perfectionist

7 Maintain a Positive Outlook

8 Don’t Dwell and Set back, just move on

9 Learn to ask what you need

10 Learn to tell what you have and clear about what you can offer.

11 Learn to Say No

12 Use mentors wisely

13 Get support from colleagues

14 Network and build relationships beyond your institution

15 Also find ways to communicate with your internal network

16 Find places where other employees used to spend pastime and have little conservation with them

17 Look for critical mass, turnovers, promotion, not just hiring

18 Avoid hostile environment

19 Choose Supportive mate or colleagues

20 Be able to take have healthy conservation at home, and be able to accept help from children.

21 Remember one thing does not fit for all, find the solution that is right for you and ENJOY your life.

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