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3 Customer Service Myths You Need To Demystify

Updated on April 23, 2012
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I'm a dad, husband, and Christian first. Second, I'm an educator and organizational development professional.

Consumers are everywhere
Consumers are everywhere | Source

The customer is always right

I grew up with the idea that customers are always right. I exercise this right and enjoy the power it provides me. Because of this, I egotistically demand so much from customer service representatives with a stern warning that I have authority over them. But here’s the reality: Customers are never always right. This deceptive adage is often misunderstood by both customer service representatives and consumers.

Good customer service focuses on consumer rights and consumer protection. But businesses and representatives have rights as well. Moreover, companies have rules that personnel and consumers have to follow. Demanding beyond what the representatives can provide is often the cause of many incidents.

Who doesn't want to be treated properly? But unreasonable demands are another thing. The saying “consumers are always right” is a reminder to extend as much courtesy and provide exceptional customer service. However, it is by no means a statement that should be literally taken to get anything and everything consumers want.

Excellent customer service skill reminder:

  • Know what you can and can’t do
  • Know consumer rights and your own rights
  • Learn how to handle customer complaints
  • Differentiate what is good customer service from bad
  • Exercise patience, professionalism and maximum tolerance

Customers can be violent

You’re not allowed to be angry at the customer

Representatives are trained to handle customer complaints. However, not everyone is equipped to handle furious customers.

It is natural to feel angry when customers attack you personally (and sometimes physically). However, the difference between excellent customer service and a pathetic one is managing your anger. In spite your rage, representatives are expected to act professionally. This means being respectful and courteous at all times. Customer representative must have the right mindset when confronting angry customers.

Human to human interaction can be volatile when not executed properly. Avoid explosive situations by learning how to handle angry customers.

Excellent customer service skill reminders:

  • It's not personal, the client is angry at the situation
  • Focus on important information not on personal attacks
  • Clarify the client concern and demands
  • Offer solutions
  • Be objective

Give them what they expect and you’re all good

Are you sick of robotic and impersonal service? It’s a plagued we all endure! Many business owners simply stop at providing what the clients expect. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate getting my order right. But don’t expect me to be ecstatic about it.

Consumer behavior is simple, give them what they expect and you won’t have to deal with irate or violent customers. Avoid untoward incidents by providing what clients expect. But that’s not exceptional customer service.

Excellent customer service is going beyond expectations. Minimizing delays, providing special services and treats, surprising customers and other unexpected or special add on at no cost will delight customers. Execution of these simple but meaningful tactics will prove beneficial.

Bigger, faster, cheaper is no longer a unique selling proposition. As such companies and customer service representatives must think of ways to provide extra service to their clients.

Propel your service to unimaginable heights by rethinking these common customer service myths.

Excellent customer service skills reminder:

  • Do regular practice and drills on customer service
  • Target consumer needs and wants
  • Create ways to delight rather than simply provide expectations
  • Understand consumer behavior
  • Strive to be unique

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