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5 More Ways to Earn Online and Offline this 2012

Updated on July 15, 2012

This is a continuation of my first list of online jobs which you can do from home and this time, aside from giving you tips on how to make money online, I will also be giving you a few tips on how to turn your online activities into offline work.

Basically, I will be teaching you how to set-up a small business that allows for active income while you continue with your online activities, which we'll call a source for passive income.

If you haven't, check out my old post for 5 online jobs here.

1. Turn DIY Creations into Products.

If you're a creative person whose interests and hobbies revolve around creating new and beautiful items from old and broken materials or found art, you have an option to launch an online and offline business. Creative people are lucky since you can make money from any channel provided you are determined and patient.

If you like making crafts and selling them, use Pinterest, your own blog or online store, and Etsy to market your products.

Alternatively, you can also put up a small store in your area or create beautiful pieces from home and sell them to your neighbors and friends.

2. Help Students with Their Homework

If you're a pretty smart guy (or girl) who loves to help people with their homework and help students get A's in school, you should become an online tutor. If you hold a degree in college, preferably in Education or if you are an English Major, you can become an online English teacher. Your main clients will include students from Japan, China, South Korea, and other European and Asian countries.

3. Become a Beta Tester

Want to help start-ups and new websites make their websites better? Become a beta tester and make your opinions matter. There are beta testing sites online that allow jobseekers such as yourself to register without paying for registration.

A beta tester acts like a consultant to a start-up company or to a business that has recently launched their website. They use the site like any ordinary user would, take notes and identify the site's problems. Afterwards, they have to report these things to the website owner or to the client. You may need web design experience to launch more opportunities but if you're pretty opinionated, online companies would love to hear what you have to say.

For more tools and tips to solve life's aches and pains, visit ErgonomicsMadeEasy for more ergonomic desks, ergonomic mice, and ergonomic chairs.
For more tools and tips to solve life's aches and pains, visit ErgonomicsMadeEasy for more ergonomic desks, ergonomic mice, and ergonomic chairs.

Things Beta-testers Will Need:

You will need a couple of things if you want to land a job as a beta-tester. Aside from having a good, functioning computer, you will also need a video camera or a web cam, a microphone and some headphones. Many start-up companies today want to connect with their beta-testers in a more personal manner and what better way to do that than through voice conversations.

Beta-testers are also expected to stay online for awhile, but most of them are paid by the hour. If you find yourself in a seated position for 6-8 hours a day, you will need to use better seats and desks for the job.

Ergonomic chairs are simply perfect for beta-testers who are often seated the whole day. Sitting down to much can cause RSI or repetitive stress injuries, as well as Carpal Tunnel, but ergonomic computer accessories lessens the chance of you developing wrist aches and injuries often caused by uncomfortable workstations.

Read more about how ergonomic chairs can stop Carpal Tunnel...

4. Do Odd Jobs for Amazon

Aside from giving you beta-testing or user-testing tasks, Amazon Mechanical Turk is also where you can find minor data-entry tasks and ridiculously simple work like tagging pictures. The upside to this site is it accepts applications from anyone. You can be a high-school student and make from from Amazon Mechanical Turk. The downside? Pay is in cents, but if you're persistent, your earnings will add up.

5. Answer People's Questions on ChaCha

ChaCha is an old site that is frequented mainly because it has answers to even some of the world's most ridiculously questions. Aside from asking questions on this site, you can also answer a few ones and make money in the process. If you feel like you always have something to say, make an account with ChaCha, answer questions, and earn.

Aside from ChaCha, you should also look into websites that pay people who have good answers to questions.

Good luck with your money-making activities and may you find success online!


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