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5 Possible Reasons for a Low Appraisal at Work

Updated on July 30, 2012

Atleast once in our professional life, we might have come with the issue of low appraisal at work. The appraisal time is one of the most fruitful period of our career and during this time we always dreams of getting a much better salary hike. At times the salary hike meets our expectation and at times it fell way behind in terms of our expectations.

Here I would like to discuss 5 possible reasons for getting a low appraisal at work and all these might not be applicable to everyone. But some of these points mentioned might have come true for all of us atleast once during our career. Just have a look at those important 5 reasons that leads to a low salary hike.

1) Company Expects More from You
Most of the times company expects more from you and in order to make you stay focused and work hard towards the growth of the company, the management generally gives you a low salary hike. In this case the management will clearly discuss the reason and you will not think of changing the job soon and expects to get a better salary hike next time.

2) You Need to Gain More Experience
In this case the management thinks that you need to gain more experience before you are given a high salary hike and as with the previous case, they will discuss and explain the reason to you. They will also provide suggestion for you to get more experience and exposure in your work so that you can expect of a better appraisal next time. Here also the company urges you to stay with them and learn more things which can really help you professionally.

3) Company Going Through a Bad Phase
There are times when everything is not going well with the company in terms of financial soundness. In this case company does not want you to leave rather they want you to be with them. But due to the financial crisis being faced by the company, they are forced to give you a much lower hike than you have ever expected. In this case also the management explains the current financial situation of the company and how it has affected your salary hike. So if you understand the situation really well, then you will stick with the company and otherwise you will look for a much greener pastures.

4) A Bad Appraisal Policy by the Company
There are certain companies which have a bad and unprofessional management team which do not know who is performing better and who is not. In this case the right guy gets the wrong appraisal and at times you will not be able to get the required salary hike. In this case the management would be able to explain the exact reason behind the low salary hike and you end up searching for a better job somewhere.

5) A Warning Sign for You
The most important thing that you have to think while you get a low appraisal is that whether it is a warning sign for you or not. In most of the companies, the candidates whom they do not like to have with them are offered a low salary hike during the appraisal time. This may be for various reasons such as under performance, bad team play, doing foul politics inside the company that are against the work culture etc. By giving a low salary hike to such employees, the employers are really giving them a warning sign that it they are not at all satisfied with his presence and it is time for him to look for a another job.


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    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 5 years ago from India

      Thanks Phoebe!!

    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

      Those are some good reasons for low appraisals.