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5 Reasons Why No One Visits Your Website

Updated on January 20, 2016

Initially, designing a website is just the bare bones beginning towards the journey of making it a real success. Of course, looks and cool gadgets are all a great thing in showcasing your site but without implementing some of the suggestions outlined in this article, you'll soon find out the top "5 Reasons Why No One Takes Your Website Seriously". So lets begin with...

Reason #1- Instead of creating just another website... create a contribution.

Instead of creating a website with a big sign that says "look at me!". Try creating Something that's helpful, something that's useful, entertaining, and enlightening; Something that solves a problem and helps connect people together. When you create a website don't just think about yourself, your brand, or what you can gain from it, instead, think about what problem or solution people are looking for and how you can solve it. Try targeting a specific online community or a selected group of people and use your website to enhance their online experience and even their live.

Reason #2- You never update or post new content to your website.

OK, so in 2016 I think its time for us to redefine what having and maintaining a website really means, beginning with content. If you want to draw people to your website you need to have a hook. What better way to hook people to your website than creating new content (video, pictures, articles) for them to enjoy. But far worst than not creating new content to draw in more traffic is providing old and outdated information. This is highly unacceptable and your only shooting yourself in the leg. Who can take a website like this seriously? Come on, you can do much better than that!

Reason #3- Too many technical malfunctions and poorly maintained

How easily we forget that having a website is a technological asset. This means it must be maintained properly for top performance. Slow website speed, expired links, and constant down time is a HUGE problem! These problems can have a significant effect on your SEO , in which we'll get to further in the next reason. For example, if your website has embedded media make sure you test the media performance for loading time and overall quality. There is nothing worst than going to a poorly functioning website.

Reason #4- Your website isn't Search Engine Optimized.

It still astounds me even till this day how many websites owners do not understand or implement basic SEO practices into their websites. In my industry, SEO is becoming a huge market for digital marketers like myself to educate and provide these services to our clients. Basic SEO can be done to any website without significant costs and is a necessity for your website to be seen. And even more than just being seen it also helps to hit all the reasons why your visitor is visiting your site. A good SEO site will keep visitors on the site for longer periods of time, will have more engagements, more conversions (products sold, downloads, phone calls, etc.). In addition, emplementing the right keywords is a huge part of Searcg Engine Optimizing (SEO) your website. For example if you own a plumber site you may want to put in keywords such as "leaky pipes", "24 hour emergency service", "cheap", or "local plumber" in order to generate more traffic. If you've never done SEO to your website I would suggest you contact an Expert and get advice to come up with a plan to optimize your website for your specific needs. SEO is definitely one of the biggest challenges for most website and businesses owners to overcome so start today.

Reason #5- The reason no one takes your website seriously is because you don't take your website seriously.

Taking your website to the next level is going to begin with you. People who take their website seriously work towards creating a successful website everyday. We all have to start somewhere so start with baby steps and its OK if it may take you a long time to get where you need to be but don't give up the rewards is far too great. Just keep a few things in mind such as the overall user experience, what they should gain from it, and ways to trigger genuine interactions. Be creative, work hard, use the internet to help make the world a better place by using the suggestions in this article. Get to work! Once you begin to take your website seriously everyone else will too!


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