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5 Techniques that will increase employee motivation

Updated on January 11, 2016


Motivating employees is an integral part of any organization's growth strategy. Ask any manager and he will tell how much time he spends interacting with their staff just to get things going. That is the job of a manager or a supervisor to get their teams on their toes start getting results. There are so many ways that managers' can use to motivate their employee's. Outlined here 5 ways that can be used to motivate employees.


1. Set Goals

Have you ever heard about KPO's (Key Performance Objectives) and KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)? If you haven't, please read on.

This simply goal setting. Set goals for your employees on a monthly basis. Give them key areas in line with their position that they have to perform best in. This area should be measured by statistics. For example: For a hotel Front Office manager, his/her key performance areas would be; rooms revenue, occupancy, Efficient check in and check out and so on. These areas would be measured in statics on how a daily basis to see progress whether he/she is on to meet the target or behind target. These statics are compiled and are called the key performance indicators.

So setting goals for your employees is one of way of motivating them.

2. Your employees should enjoy a positive work environment.

Your employees should not be intimidated and demoralized by negativity in the work environment. When you have set their goals, give them the environment to work in. A positive working environment conducive to bring in results. There is a saying that goes like this: "A good manager is the one removes obstacles that prevents his employees from performing their jobs". Sounds familiar? Yes. It is very true. Employers must equip their employees with everything they need to perform their jobs. Team work is one. Team work creates a very positive work environment. When everyone works together as a team, that is very healthy for organization. So bond your employees into a strong team that will win no matter what.


3. Give Regular support, Feedback and Constructive Criticism

Regular feedback, support and constructive criticism is vital if in team motivation. Check on a regular basis with how they progressing in regards to their goals. Give feedback and help/support them find ways to overcome obstacles. One on one coaching and counseling works better in most employees. Set a time and date to talk to your team one on one. Let them know that you are there for them and they must feel free to see you if there is a need. It is during these sessions that you check on their progress. What they have accomplished so far, where they are lacking and what needs to be done in order for them to achieve their goals. This will give new directions to those that are way off track and those on track should be encouraged to continue. These sessions should be held on a regular basis.

4. Provide incentives

Providing incentives for staff is a very good way of keeping your staff motivated. Once goals are set and every one is ready to go, develop an incentive program for your employees. A point awarding system is a good way to start. For every daily task performed reward points are awarded according to amount of work done and how far to reaching set goal. The point system should determine the type of incentive that will be presented to particular employee. For example: above 500 points, employee is entitled to a certain incentive. Employee with 400 and below points attract a certain and so forth. This is just an example. Every organization should have their own way of providing incentives for their employees. Sometimes very simple incentives work out to be the difference in motivating employees.


5. Recognize achievements

Always recognize achievements by your employees. Nothing works better than a pat on the back for a job well done. Every time your team achieves something, give them a pat on the back. Set up a program to acknowledge your team. Employees will go another mile if they know that their hard work is appropriately recognized and rewarded. Staff with no recognition tend to suffer from low moral and self esteem.


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