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Grant Cardone: 5 Tips How To Grow Your Business

Updated on September 9, 2014

Grow Your Business

How do you grow your business in the new year? If you're an entrepreneur, how do you take your budding empire and expand? How do you blow it up, bring it to a level of total success? In business and in life, if you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards. What about an established business? How to go into the marketplace and make a wave so big you can't handle all the traffic flowing to your website or store front? That's a good problem to have!

Those that refuse to grow, adapt and change will find themselves passed up by those who are more than willing to make the necessary adjustments.

Recently, my boss, Grant Cardone was speaking to a group of sales people who just started using our on-line sales training program, Cardone On Demand. He told them, "In this economy, 'just enough' isn't going to work anymore. You have to be willing to go in early and stay late. Success is not an option anymore. Success is a duty. It's an ethical issue now. People are depending on you. You can no longer rely on the economy, you must create your own economy."

So whether you're just getting started in your business, are a new sales person or whether you've been at it for a while, let's take a look at five things you can do immediately, right now, to grow your business and move into prosperity...

5 Tips To Grow Your Business

Tip #1 - Revenue is God!

Grant will tell us over and over, nothing happens until a sale is made. If the bacon ain't coming home, the shop is closing up. Revenue is going to make or break or you. Everyone you employ should have revenue as their primary focus. The company can not grow with out it. Even a janitor has a roll to play in creating revenue! This floor needs to be clean and shinny for the customers. The restroom needs to be spotless! If the floor is dirty and nasty, clients (the people who ultimately pay your wage) might go somewhere else and if they go somewhere else, so will everyone else eventually and then the boss can't pay you and you're out of a job. A work force is symbiotic. Every employee is also part of the sales department. Now, if you're a customer facing employee, then you're REALLY part of the sales department!

Do everything you can to not only maintain but create revenue for your company!

Tips #2 - Do Not Discount Your Product

Do NOT discount your product. Just assume it's not an option. Lowering your price will not help you grow the business. Set your price, commit to your price and then build so much value in that price that to the client, your price seems cheep!

Continue to build and add value in your product until you get your price.

What would you do if you suddenly found out that price isn't always the deciding factor for most people? What if you found out that the decision to buy more often than not has more to do with solving a problem then saving money? In Grant's book, Sell or Be Sold, Grant has a chapter called "The Price Myth" where he explains why we will spend 2$ for a bottle of water and 4$ for a cup of coffee. Grant teaches us that more often than not, price will take a back seat when a product or service solves a problem and is backed with top notch service.

Tips #3 - Fill Up Your Pipeline

If you stay focused on revenue and are committed to maintaining your price, then next step is to make sure your pipeline is so full you don't have to even consider lowering your price or worry about getting enough business.

Fill you pipeline up with opportunities and look for new problems. Would you rather have too many appointments or not enough? I know which one I'd rather deal with!

Problems, as Grant tells us in If You're Not First You're Last, are opportunities for additional sales and to service existing clients.

Keep your pipeline FULL!

Tips #4 - Dominate Your Sector

Dominate the sector! No need to compete anymore. What does that mean exactly? First, competition as you'll learn in The 10x Rule breeds mediocrity. You want, regardless of your industry, be it a hair stylist, lawyer, chiropractor, personal trainer, dentist, whatever the business is, you want to be the go to guy in your sector.

Don't be a spectator, get off the bleachers and on the field! Own the space your in!

When a person thinks of your industry, the very next thought should be you.

Tips #5 - Increase Personal Visits

Increase personal visits ten times. As in The 10x Rule, increase activity by 10 fold to assure success. Whatever level of activity you think is necessary to reach your goal, multiply that by 10 and attack!

Personal visits in the information age are huge. When you're just a phone call, email or Skype away, making a personal visit will separate you in the market, help you stand out and further your quest to dominate your sector.

Be willing to do what your alleged competition won't.

The Bonus Round - Train

Train! Train? What do you mean train? I mean train. Your business, whether that's automotive, spa treatments, real estate, DVD's, books, any degree of goods or services that you sell or market requires that you train for your success. Would an actor go on stage without first knowing his lines? Of course not and so it goes for you. Get your saw sharp and keep it that way! Daily, make sure you do something to have your head in the right place, then set yourself up for success by having a process in place that allows you to generate that revenue, maintain your price, know how to fill up your pipeline, dominate your sector and what to say on those personal visits.

Who is Grant Cardone?

GRANT CARDONE is an International Sales Expert and author providing Motivation & Sales Training Programs to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success minded individuals and entrepreneurs.

Cardone is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and is a New York Times best selling author. He is regularly seen on Fox Business, NBC, MSNBC, and Business Insider.

Cardone is the executive producer and star of "Turnaround King", a TV program created around his motivating solution oriented business coaching.

He has customized sales training programs for organizations of all sizes. From banks, financial consultants, real estate sales, telecommunications, fitness, retail and boutique sales; positively affecting hundreds of thousands of people in organizations worldwide

Not only is Grant a Sales Trainer, he is the author of four books on what individuals and companies must do to achieve success in the new economy.


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