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5 Tips to Be Productive During a Business Relocation

Updated on March 2, 2017

It is obvious that such a move will slow productivity, but if you take into account the tips below, you will manage to maintain efficiency even during the relocation process.

1. Plan ahead the logistics of your business move

The best way to make sure productivity won’t be affected during the business relocation process is to guarantee the efficiency of your employees. This can be done only if you plan ahead and discuss the move with all your employees, letting them know about their responsibilities in the process. Each of them should have a well-established role and a deadline.

Begin packing at least a few weeks ahead and make sure packing takes place gradually. This will allow your employees to continue their usual work routine while helping you take steps forward toward a successful relocation process.

2. Schedule the move for a weekend or outside work hours

Make sure the business movers you’re planning to hire are available to work on weekends or during off hours. This way, you can be sure you will keep the disruption of your business to a minimum and, if everything goes according to your well-thought plan, you will be able to get your team back to work in no time.

Do your research on moving companies and choose a moving company that specializes in business relocation and office move. Make sure you book their service at least a few months ahead. It would be even better if you will be able to plan your business relocation outside the peak season for moving. Most Americans prefer to move during summer or early autumn, so if you can manage to move office in a different period, you will be able to book a reputable corporate moving company for a decent rate.

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3. Do a backup of your data and keep it accessible

Since all your computers will be disconnected during the move, you need to make sure all important files and paperwork are safely kept on an external hard drive or cloud service. You want to be able to access them, even if your office equipment is in boxes on in a moving truck.

Allow your employees to have access to work data, so they can solve any urgent issues that might appear and protect the productivity of your company. Having access to data will allow them to work from home or even on the road, solving any issues that might happen during the move, as well as keeping your customers happy.

Business relocation in 8 steps

1. Find and buy/rent new business space
5. Start packing - equipment and furniture
2. Conduct health and safety verifications
6. Inform associates and customers
3. Design new business space
7. Set up utilities at the new location
4. Hire a professional moving company
8. Move everything to the new location

4. Upgrade your office equipment

New office location calls for new equipment, so why not use this situation to do an upgrade of your computer system or any other type of equipment you might be using, to increase the productivity of your business.

It’s actually easier to upgrade your equipment in a new location because you will be able to install it faster, in an open space. The specialists who are going to install your equipment will have access to an empty space, with no wires and cables that need to be cut or replaced.

This is also a good time to replace your office furniture. You can sell the old one or, better yet, donate it to a charity, and motivate your employees to be even more productive by creating them a new, improved work environment.

Business relocation schedule

Finding a new space and negotiating with landlords
3-6 months
Design and decorate new office space
1-3 months
Actual relocation process
Less than 1 week
Setting up the equipment at the new location
1-4 weeks
Unpacking the rest of the boxes
1-3 weeks

Inform institutions, partners, and clients

It is very important to inform anyone that matters for the productivity of your business about your big move. You should notify in writing your business partners, distributors, suppliers, vendors and, of course, customers, and inform them about your new business address.

You can also use your social media accounts to spread the word about your office move, update your networking listings, as well as send flyers and use advertising. Don’t forget to change your address and phone number in your email signature, letterhead and on your website.


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