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5 Ways To Connect With Many Experts In Your Niche Using Twitter - Relationship Marketing 101

Updated on February 5, 2014

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5 Ways To Connect With Many Experts In Your Niche Using Twitter

If you plan to dominate the social media scene in your niche, and you don’t have any Twitter account yet, it is better that you start creating one today. Why? That’s because Twitter will allow you to network with other experts in your niche as well as attract massive following for your business without limit, without commitment. You can follow anyone anytime without having to obtain their permission to do it (except if their account is private), and you can let anyone to follow you without you having to follow them back. It’s really fitting for any business to have a Twitter account. It’s a social media solution for your business. Moreover, if you can connect with many experts within your niche, you’ll have a blast on Twitter. Here are 5 ways to connect with many experts in your niche using Twitter:

1. Find The Experts And Follow Them

If you want to connect with the experts in your niche, of course the first thing that you need to do is to find them and follow them. First of all, you should create a list of 30-50 experts within your niche. You can either go to their website to find their Twitter account or you can simply search their name on Twitter and follow them. If you don’t know the name of the experts, you can just go to 30-50 popular blogs within your niche and find out who the bloggers are. Usually they will include their name in the about section within their blog.

2. Interact With Them Regularly

Remember that on Twitter, you shouldn’t be hesitant to follow many people, especially experts. Why? That’s because it’s not a permanent choice for you, and you can always unfollow them anytime. So, it’s not a big deal at all. Once you follow them, what you need to do is to interact with them regularly. For instance, you can mention them within your tweets just to say thanks for their inspiring tips. Or, you can simply respond to their tweets to make a good impression about yourself.

3. Retweet Their Inspiring Messages

Retweet is a friendly feature for you on Twitter. But, if you use it wrongly, you will only make your Twitter account look like a mess (i.e. it will look like a spam account). So, be clearly sure that you are balancing between retweets and your own tweets on Twitter. Now that you understand about it, the next thing that you need to do is to retweet their inspiring messages regularly, probably twice or three times a day. Remember to retweet only the most relevant messages that will help to build your reputation more in Twitter. In other words, you should be picky in what you retweet in your Twitter account.

4. Use Their Hashtag

If some of the experts are promoting their hashtag, don’t hesitate to participate in their game. Whatever the hashtag may be, you should tweet about it regularly in order to increase your visibility in their eyes. Moreover, it will help you to meet with other Twitter users who are also interested in those experts, thus you can expand your network. Don’t get too promotional, though. Write inspiring tweets with the hashtag in it.

5. Be Like Them

Then, you should behave like the experts. You don’t want to be seen as merely a newbie who is obsessed with those experts. You actually need to build yourself as their equal, another expert who knows well about the niche. Thus, be sure to establish your expertise in your tweets so that people can see you as one of them, not one of their students. Be really helpful with your audience, and give the best advice that you can give to them whenever they need it.

Connecting with experts on Twitter will certainly help you to build your reputation within your niche. When you are considered one of those experts, it will become easier for you to attract more audience in Twitter. But, building this valuable connection will need to be done slowly and gradually in order to create a solid foundation for your business.

5 Easy Tips To Apply Relationship Marketing In Your Social Media Campaign

Relationship marketing. What a common phrase nowadays. If you’ve been in the social media scene lately, you’ve at least heard this phrase once, and most likely, you already know that most experts in social media suggest you to use this technique in order to expand your business through social media. But, how can you do this? How can you use relationship marketing in your social media promotion? Here are 5 easy tips to apply relationship marketing in your social media campaign:

1. Know The Goal In Relationship Marketing

The goal in relationship marketing is to expand your business further with each client that you have by developing positive relationship with them. In this way, you will no longer aim for one sale for each client, but you will aim to get multiple sales from the same client as well as build long-term business relationship with them. So, how can you do this on social media? When you understand the goal in relationship marketing, you will try your best to nurture good communication between you and your audience in social media. You will treat them as one big family which supports each other in life. You will help them solve their problems with your products, and they will give their money to you, regularly. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

2. Give What People Need And Fulfill Their Expectation

You should also understand what your audience needs and expect from you. And once you understand them, you should give them what they need and fulfill their expectation. In social media, it is important to stay in touch with your audience and help them solve their problems by giving valuable tips and solutions that will help them make their life better. You have to focus your social media updates on this goal. If you can do this, good relationship will develop. They will have trust on you and engage with you further.

3. Communicate With Your Audience Often

It is very important to establish active discussion in your social media page. If you keep ignoring your audience and not responding to their comments, they will always make their way to find other service providers that can give a better treatment to them. Remember that communication is the core of relationship marketing. If you want to apply it to your campaign, you have to hone your communication skill. Communicate often and get familiar with your audience.

4. Educate Your Audience About Your Products

Keep educating your audience about how your products can help to solve their problems and change their life. Remember that your audience can easily fall for misinformation regarding your products if you don’t give any official word about them. So, is it necessary to educate your audience about your products? The answer is yes, and remember, it is not a promotional effort. It is the way you establish good image about your product and make your audience to understand about it more. The more they know about what your products can do, the more they will fall in love with them and become your loyal customers.

5. Be A Friend, Not A Stranger

Lastly, and perhaps the most important of all, you should be friendly with your audience. Don’t be like a stranger for your audience because it will definitely kill your communication with them. If you are like their friend, you will communicate with them smoothly, and they will do it to you as well. But, if you pose as a stranger, then they will likely afraid to establish further communication with you, resulting in bad relationship and less effective social media campaign.

So, if you can apply those relationship marketing tips above to your current social media campaign, it will get better. You will get better response from your audience, and you will also get more loyal audience willing to spend more and more on the products that you offer. And they’ll stick for a long time.


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