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6 Ways On How To Connect With Your Audience Through Social Media

Updated on April 17, 2021

Epic Marketing Techniques

The advent of technology created so many new ideas and invention of gadgets and many more. And through the years had passed, the advancement of technology has led to many changes in our modern age. As people keep on enthusiastically welcome and embrace the flow of its rage, the way people live and communicate also had changed.

Not Everything Depends on Technology
Nowadays, digital business deals and transactions is often used to convey people’s attention. But the more businessperson accustom in using digital world in introducing their company, services and promoting their brands, the more also it is difficult to win people’s trust and interest especially to those new customers. Authentically speaking, not everyone can easily trust a product with just looking the mere picture of it. It is still has a huge gap between purchasing a product when you know and see exactly how it looks like in person, right? Thus, it is a big challenge in every businessperson on how they can deal with these. Also how to keep their customer loyal and how to give their customer a satisfaction. It would also test how far their creative minds and tactics can reach people considering how many competitors they are contending with.

Social Media is the New Gold Rush
It is undeniable that in reality, where social media has gone too far in this day and age and still continuous to grow rapidly. It has become an important aspect especially to those digital marketers. That is why, they are always keeping up with the latest trends, making new and innovate in order to reach once goal and to improve sales of the company and increases its awareness to the people.

Do you want your company or neither your brand nor services to be notice also? Are you still looking for some ways how to incorporate your business with social media? Here are some ways you can be able to think about and might help you how to get the attention of the audience and interact with them in the virtual world.

1. You must know who your targets are – When engaging a business it is vital to know who is your target and might be your potential customer and audience. With these you will be able to focus in the things you need to do with your business especially in how you will advertise it or how you will create your social media campaign. And the most important is how you will reach your possible prospect customer and audience.

2. Be creative – Add the things that might be able to catch the attention of your audience and one way of it, is by using multimedia. As you know, people are more interested in watching videos and by adding some fun and humor of its content can bring impact. And beside it is not a bad idea to start with. Hence, being acquainted with multimedia content will help a lot as well. It is also important to have an exceptional, lively, fresh and exciting content. Through these you might or definitely capture your audience interest.

3. Be real and reliable – It is important that the content is true and relevant. Your identity and personality is also trustworthy as well as your products and services to gain the trust of your customer. It would give you an opportunity to easily build a relationship with the audience. Yet remain to be professional in anything you would do, especially in handling and entertaining customers.

Impress Your Customers

Even if you have some fancy products and add catchy names to them you might not still be able to captivate your customers. Creating a clever marketing strategy will help you reach a wider audience and target demographics that will advertise your product or service to people who are actually looking for them. Try to find a balance between how much you need to spend for marketing, how many people you want to reach, and how much profit you want returned.

4. Consider the voice of the audience - Keep an eye in every comments of the audience and try to consider and listen to them. Their post might be a key to be nearer with your viewers and customers. In fact, it will give you an insight about their opinions, reactions and what they feel and think about what they see and know. Then, you can weight out what the best thing you can do to give them what they are looking for. It is an opportunity you can take advantage off.

5. Be optimistic – Criticisms and complains cannot be avoided to happen and even we don’t want it, it is part of our imperfect individuals. Don’t allow that those things would hold you back from reaching your goal. Be positive, don’t give up and instead use it as wonderful resource towards better performance. Nevertheless, criticisms are not a bad thing after all. If you look the other side of it, it would give you strength. It will help you realize the weaknesses and the things you need to do and change, to improve how the way you should satisfy the needs of the customers.

6. Don’t restrain yourself in showing off your personality – Consumers likely want to feel that they are openly welcome, and they are being accustomed with real person even behind the Upon sharing your personality, the customers can be able to have an idea about you that may interest them to give trust on you. And besides, don’t restrain yourself from doing what you think is good and suitable, to help increase the awareness on what you are trying to promote. Be who you are, be vivacious in advertising. Just see to it that all are true after all.

Social Media Outreach
Social media is not just all about what fun we can get out of it but as well as what ideas and information it can soar us. And in business industry, social media is a great way to publicize or to broadcast a business. It is an easy way to reach people in any place around the world where they can be able to know, learn and see the things they want and need. A tool were business can be able to expand and a way where you don’t have to personally face- to-face the masses one by one in order to present and endorse your brand. These are just few out of many things where social media can be used.

On top of it, being acquainted in social media means faster operation in reaching and connecting people with just a little span of time. Yet, it is a big privilege that needs to be properly use and not to abuse.

Profitable Facts

  • 1 Million: The number of small or medium sized businesses advertising on Facebook
  • 500,000: Total number of Facebook pages promoting posts
  • 2.5 Million: Total number of Facebook promoted posts
  • 59%: Percentage of Facebook’s revenue that comes from mobile
  • 21.7%: Facebook’s share of worldwide mobile internet ad revenue in 2014
  • 45%: Percentage of ads in the 2013 Super Bowl that included Twitter hashtags
  • 81%: Percentage of Twitter’s advertising revenue that came from mobile
  • $200,000: Cost of a 24-Hour Promoted Trend on Twitter
  • $5.6 Billion: Gross revenue that YouTube was expected to generate in 2016
  • $850 Million: Amount of revenue from video advertisements on YouTube served in the United States
  • $100 Million: Estimated about that Samsung spends on Facebook advertising per year, making the creator of the Galaxy phone the largest advertiser on Facebook


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