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6 Top Google Tips That Will Help You Succeed With Your Website

Updated on August 28, 2009

There is no dearth of quality information on how you can succeed with your website. Equally, there is no dearth of misinformation too. The conflict arises when you have to choose your pick that can really help you.

The field of search engine optimization is empirical. This means you know the result based on observation, experience, or experiment, not on theory.

To give an example, whether a keyword meta-tag is at all needed is not like Newton’s third law of motion whereby every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The answer to the necessity of keyword meta-tag is essentially dependent on painstaking observation of the search results over a long period of time, once including it and then excluding it.

Clearly common users have little time or resources to do such experiments, and at the same time keeping a hawk eye on any new change or development in the search marketing arena.

What do the common users do in such case? They have to depend on SEO experts whose job then is to increase search visibility of their websites.

Still the question remains: how do you know which SEO expert really knows the things and can deliver you results?

The answer perhaps is that those who charge the most are the real SEO experts. It could be because high fees are usually – not always – considered accompanying top-class service. If that is indeed so, availing SEO service will be truly out of bounds for most website owners.

It is in this background that I feel Matt Cutts’ presentation at the WordCamp on May 30 last is an excellent help for small website owners. Not because Matt spoke something that no one said earlier, but because Matt being from Google, his information is like the bible of SEO.

Matt says in the presentation, "You guys should do video.", that goes to confirm the growing importance of web video what with burgeoning videos and video-views in YouTube, Hulu and other video sharing hosts.

I have culled some important observations by Matt which I produce in the video below as the 6 top Google tips to succeed with your website.

Do leave your observations and experience of SEO in the comments below.

6 Top Google Tips To Succeed With Your Website


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