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6 Rules for How to Win in Life?

Updated on July 2, 2020
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Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


As a human being, everyone likes to win in life. There will be hardly any individual who will like to fail in life. We all love winners and everyone tries to give their best.

Despite their best efforts, some people fail to achieve their goals. Why they lack that karishma and fire in their belly?

Is there any secret formula which can help others to become the person of their dreams? Let’s see some solid rules for how to win in life.

You can win in life
You can win in life

Create A Life’s Vision

If you really want to become successful in life then the first thing which you should do is create your life’s vision. In simple words think about some goals which you really want to achieve. Then you should write them down in a piece of paper on a daily basis.

There are studies which show that if you write and read your goals on a daily basis then there are 42% more chances to achieve those goals. And when you create your life’s vision include everything related to job, money, home, family, travelling etc.

Focus And Implementation

After you have created your life’s vision than the second most important part is to focus on and implement those. Here, you have to create plans as to how to achieve your goals and dreams.

For example, if you want to create two sources of passive income then you have to create a system through which you can generate that income. Maybe you can create successful blogs or YouTube channels or an eCommerce website.

Remember it takes time and full focus to create a system. There is nothing as an overnight success. Many times you might fail in the beginning but if you focus and implement your planning you can make it.

To achieve your goals learn something new then implement it. Take help from colleagues and mentors but success lies in implementing those skills. Without any implementation, even the right planning will fail.

Focus and implementation
Focus and implementation

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Now, if you really want to win in life then you have to leave your comfort zone at any cost. If you’re lazy and don’t like to work then forget to win in life.

The difference between winners and losers lies in taking massive action. Winners like to take actions whereas losers procrastinate. Become self-motivated and start taking small actions. And over time these will become your habits and then you will be unstoppable.

Never Quit

If you have understood all the three points which I have mentioned above then learn not to quit ever. It is true that success takes time and you have to push yourself to achieve those goals. And if you fail a few times in the beginning then also never quit.

Change your strategy but don’t change your goals. If you firmly believe in your goals from the bottom of your heart then it is a sure sign you can achieve those goals. Start something which will help you to grow both in the short and long term.

Stay Away From Toxic People

In life, you will get a chance to meet many people but everyone will not support you. Few will criticize you and few will try to dominate you. Basically they can be considered as toxic people.

So, it is always better to listen to them but stay away from them. When you listen to them you will learn new things but if they take too much rubbish then it’s better not to listen to them at all. Always stay connected to those people who are supportive, have positive vibrations and a positive attitude about life. These people will push you to reach your goals.

Compare Yourself With The Old One

After working on your goals for more than one year it’s time to compare yourself with the old one. To know whether you have made changes and progress in life you need to check the following:

a) Your way of living
b) Your way of working
c) Your way of thinking
d) What goals you have managed to achieve

So, if you find some satisfactory changes and results then it is a sure sign that you are in the process of winning in life. Now, don’t stop here and keep on working. Sooner or later you will able to reach more goals.


There are many ways to win in life but through this article, I tried to simplify the process. Having a goal and vision is the first requirement to win in life. Then we need to have a complete focus and implementation. We need to have a positive attitude towards life and never quit even if you fail in the beginning. Stay away from toxic people and compare yourself with the new one after one year. Repeat this process and achieve more success in life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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