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How to Spend Your Free Time Properly?

Updated on June 3, 2020
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Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


It is no secret that whoever in this world become successful know how to spend their time. It is said that the bottom and middle-class people don’t have much money. They remain busy with their daily activities. But, it is also true that they have something more valuable than money i.e time.

Unfortunately, we are wasting valuable time on a daily basis. We spend our countless time on useless activities like playing PUBG, watching movies on Netflix or Hotstar, checking our WhatsApp and social media status from time to time or making videos for TikTok. Unless and until you are learning something you shouldn’t spend time on these activities.

If you want to become successful in life you need to learn how to spend your time intelligently. And in this article, we are going to learn five ways to spend free time properly. So, let’s see what are they.

How to spend your free time?
How to spend your free time?

Improve Your Language

Do you know if you can communicate properly with your seniors your chances of getting promotion increases drastically? People get mesmerized if you can talk and write fluently. That’s the power of having proper knowledge about any language.

So, spend time improving your language. To improve your language you need to use that language often. If you want to learn and improve English, then read English books, write every day and most importantly talk in English. And this is not just related to English, you can apply the same rules to improve in any language, be in Hindi, Japanese, Russian or Hebrew.

Improve your language
Improve your language

Learn A New Skill

When we were a kid we always wanted to learn many things in life. We use to play many games and usually, our energy level was always high. As we progress in life our only target is to pass the exams. Get good grades, have a job and settle in life. This is a conventional way and many people are still following this in life.

Truth is many of us are afraid to start our own venture. So, to be able to do this we need to spend our time in learning something new. And because of today’s technology, it is possible to learn and acquire a new skill by the help of internet.

So, don’t just scroll your mobile but start learning a new skill. Who knows you might start your own venture. And here are three places where you can learn a new skill i.e Coursera, Skill-Share and Udemy. You can even try YouTube. These new skills might even help in your career.

Start An Online Business

Many people might not agree with me on this topic but I learned this the hard way. If you are working in a good company then you might be earning well. So, save some and invest some.

Now-a-days because of the internet, it is possible to start an online business. To start your side business, first, step is you have to believe in yourself that yes you can do this. So, start with less investment and give one year to learn techniques. Even if you will fail that will be a stepping stone for your life. Consider those investments as a life’s tuition fee.

For examples, you can start your eCommerce business through Redbubble website. This concept is called - Print-On-Demand (POD). There are many online platforms where you just have to upload the designs and when someone will purchase you will get the commission.

Same way, if you know Hindi, select a niche and start Hindi blogging as there is lots of growth opportunity in this segment. But start a side business. And why I am saying to start an online business because you can stay anywhere still you can work and observe your business.

Read books
Read books

Read Books

Many people believe reading books after the completion of college is a waste of time. And they think when we talk about books we are talking about their academic books. No, here are talking about self-improvement books.

It will be better if you can invest some money on purchasing a book at least on a monthly basis. Many people think purchasing books are wastage of money. But in cities, people waste so much money on purchasing clothes to show off and eating out with friends.

But people don’t realize that in Rs. 200 to 400 these are the cheapest things they can buy. And after spending, if you can read about the biographies of highly successful individuals then this can be the best investment of your life. So, start reading self-improvement books.

Exercise On Regular Basis

A healthy mind also needs a healthy body. Therefore, thrice a week you must do physical exercise. If you will not keep your body healthy, soon you will have many issues. So, to keep your body healthy exercise, eat a well-balanced diet. There is no alternative for a healthy body.

To achieve a healthy body you don’t have to spend money and join the gym. Go for a regular morning walking, skipping and cycling is more than enough to keep you in good shape. Drink lots of water and take proper sleep.


Daily, we all have twenty-four hours. Some people use them wisely and achieve success in life. Whereas some people waste their time and keep on blaming the system and life. Choose your habits wisely and spend your time intelligently. Make a monthly, weekly and daily plans and stick to it and soon you will see the results.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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