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7 Apps To Make Any Musician Or Freelancers Life Easier

Updated on March 13, 2013

We all have our routine's and things we do daily to keep our businesses and crafts going. Here are 7 apps that will help take your tasks from an everyday pain to your ultimate routine.

1. Google Calendar:

This is the ultimate way to schedule. You can have this same calendar not only online but on your phone with reminders if you choose. It's a great way to notify or invite colleagues, band members, clients or anyone else to a meeting or get together. The other great component to this is calendars can be shared so no one will have to ask your availability for a particular date or time if you choose. It makes double booking almost impossible and it is always at your fingertips.

2. Google Drive:

This might soon deem Microsoft obsolete. For starters, it is free and can open word or excel documents (I have not tried the other Microsoft products with this app). Like the google calendar, you can access it online or on a portable device. You can share the documents with different degrees of access: view only, comment, and edit access. Not only is sharing great but it also backs itself up automatically. All changes get saved almost instantaneously so the chances work gets lost is greatly diminished.

3. Easy Voice Recorder Free (For Android):

This might be the ultimate phone notetaker, ok maybe not all of that but it is great for recording ideas. I use it on the road or while I'm writing so I can get my ideas out or while I am at rehearsals. In the office, I would use it to recall things from a meeting. No need to bring extra devices as this records and can play from the same app. The really great thing is the audio that records gets saved as a wav. which can easily transfer to a computer later on. I wrote a few songs by recording my initial lyrics on it then emailing them or sending them via bluetooth to my computer to really bang out.

4. My Diet Journal (For Android):

Working for yourself and/or being a creative professional often times requires odd hours and fitting in personal needs like eating and exercise can be a challenge. My Diet Journal can really help with that by allowing you to jot down everything you have eaten, drank, your exercise and even your weight so you can have a record of what you are and have been doing. Alarms or reminders can be set to keep you on track and a detailed graph will let you know where things like your weight have been moving.

5. Dropbox:

Sometimes emails just don't send big enough files. Dropbox can help with that. Not only can you share a file with someone, you can keep a copy of that file and anything someone shares with you on your desktop. It has a rather large amount of storage space to begin with and gives opportunities to attain even more.

6. Google Analytics

The best way to grow is to see how far you have come and what your efforts are producing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Upon signing up, analytics provides a code to add to your sites, blogs or just about any other online presence to monitor the activity there.

7. Paypal:

One of the most popular ways to send and receive money online. The other great thing about paypal is that it is no longer just available online, it is also available as an app and they have an option for a card acceptor to collect debit and credit card payments in person. There are a growing number of other companies that offer this latter option but right now paypal offer card payments with the smallest fee to vendors like musicians and other freelancers.


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