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7 Social Media Platforms for Traffic Generation for Content Creating Beginners

Updated on June 3, 2020
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The author is a small boy and writer by passion; he loves technology and tries being towards it.


In this world of technology-driven life, people love digital and social media platforms but use it only for their means. They don’t use it for the wellness of others. What if this state of thinking changes? If these types of thinkers are decreased, everyone will be able to create something for the welfare of others, and we will be known as a helper of society.

We can use social media to share our content online and so we can quickly help more than just society, but we will be able to help the globe. If you also want to help the whole world, then I have for you some platforms for the promotion.

Various social media platforms help to generate a lot of information
Various social media platforms help to generate a lot of information

Platforms for Social Media Promotion


Facebook is one of the best platforms for promoting content online. With more than 5 billion users, it is one of the most used social media platforms among the many others. Promoting article on Facebook can manage to get a lot of views, but, the promotion must be in a proper manner. If you promote your content here then people will get curious and may end up watching and sharing your content online.

Facebook marketing is a business of its kind. It involves influencer marketing, advertisement, content marketing, etc. Communicating on Facebook is time and region-specific, and it is managed by software.


Instagram is the current favourite social media platform with almost over 1 billion downloads. You can easily promote your content online using it. It will recommend people about your post and help you get more views. It is easy to get views for content like a video or article. In Instagram, you get a unique feature to promote your content. You can add a swipe up option with which people can directly go to your article or video available.

In Instagram, since the media are rich in digital imagery as well as a lot through show-off, the younger generations love it to the most.


LinkedIn is one of the highest and most accessible traffic generating platforms, which is more comfortable than Instagram. Still, due to too many professionals, we are not able to compete with all of them. It can give you up to 300 views within one day if you share it appropriately.LinkedIn is having the primary aim of career development and is comprising of a group of professionals from various backgrounds.


Reddit is a platform which is tricky for secure promotion. The purpose of Reddit is to gather various published and read resources and ideas from the users. There are many subreddits where you can post your promotion text, but many of them are not allowing other content to be enabled in their subreddits. If you get the best subreddit, then you can get high traffic in less time. If you cannot choose the proper subreddit, then the moderator of the subreddit may remove your postings from Reddit.


Pinterest is a simple and unique place for promotion of content online. It is mostly for promoting photography and literature. You just have to get one photo from your content and post it as a pin in the board. All your friends can share it in other social media, and there will be mass traffic on your article. It is highly trending among the image and digital content lovers.


Tumblr is one of the most straightforward and most accessible traffic generating platforms, but, only if your time permits, because, you may have to sit and write almost a summary of your content which is not available in any other social media. It is a free platform for blogging with the set parameters. If you can do this, you will get a lot of views. Again if you share this on other platforms, then you will get views very much in a little time. Here it is easy to publish your promotional texts as this looks like a blog and blogs are easy to promote content. Many digital content managers use it as a skeleton blog.


Twitter is the most popular social media platform for announcements and preview contents. Many social leaders and celebrities use this platform for tweeting, and this can help promote content among the fans who follow them. Make sure of promoting in an announcement manner for gaining content views, being catchy and accessible.

Many of these social media are also available on mobile.
Many of these social media are also available on mobile.

More Places to Promote

You can promote your content on Whatsapp, make a video of it and upload it on YouTube; you can use Flickr, Odnoklassniki, VK, Wattpad, FetLife, DevianArt, Tagged, Habbo, Spaces. You can also make a 200-300 words promotional text and upload it on your website or blog.

Tips for Promoting Content

  • Never be too brief to the public.
  • Try expressing more thoughts in fewer words.
  • Attract people and make them funnelled into your target content and thereby drawing them to your primary material.
  • Try using hashtags for more attraction and more traffic generation.
  • Tag all your friends so that their followers can see your content.

Advantages of Promotion

You can generate more traffic online and get more viewers for your other related contents. If you are attracting people, they may be too happy and be your future customers.

Disadvantages of Promotion

You do not generate organic traffic which provides more income and most of the people come just to see the best of you and may not see other content of yours. If you are unable to attract people onto your article, they may drive off your future customers away saying “he does not know anything about that topic don’t go there”.

Most of the times, all your social media contacts in the different platforms are all the same. In such cases, unless you give different kinds of value each time, your postings will be spammy. Therefore, it is highly draining and time-consuming.

Which of the social media platform you utilize the most for generating personal or business traffic?

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People need to deliver their thoughts which needs to be seen quickly. By using the seven platforms mentioned above, you will quickly generate quite a lot of traffic which is decent. By using the tips, you can attract people into sharing and watching your content. Using the advantages and skipping the disadvantages you can attract more people effortlessly and get more traffic online

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jnanesh Sharma H


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    • jnanesh profile imageAUTHOR

      Jnanesh Sharma H 

      7 months ago from South India

      Thank you Mr Abhijit, Yes, when we are socially active then many people will be able to connect with you. Then, you can easily convey your messages as I did

    • profile image

      Abhijit Goswami 

      7 months ago from North East India

      Thanks Jnanesh for showing the way how to generate traffic and uses of various platforms for promotion of content. It's very beneficial for beginners like me who has just stepped into content writing and could publish two articles so far. expecting more articles from you.

    • jnanesh profile imageAUTHOR

      Jnanesh Sharma H 

      7 months ago from South India

      Thank you, Mr Shreekrishna Sharma, for commenting on my article, Yes, even I was only knowing about some platforms but I was able to know more as I started promoting article online.

    • shreekrishna sharma profile image


      7 months ago from MANGALORE

      Dear Jnanesh, your article gave good information on social platform media for traffic generation for beginners. It gave detailed advantages and disadvantages of each platform which very helpful. I as associated only with Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. Now I understood how to use other platforms in a better way.

    • jnanesh profile imageAUTHOR

      Jnanesh Sharma H 

      7 months ago from South India

      Thank you, Ms Ashwini and Ms Sneha, I am happy to know that my article was useful for you, thanks again for commenting.

    • Ashwini C Kini profile image

      Ashwini Kini 

      7 months ago from Dakshin Kannad

      Thank you Jnanesh for sharing the social media platform knowledge with us. It opens the platters for newbies like me. Happy to see you grow. God bless.

    • Sneha Bhat profile image

      Sneha Bhat 

      7 months ago from India

      Jnanesh Sharma, thank you for this Inspiring article.. This article has enlightened me with more social media platforms so that i can glance at those..

      The most interesting stuff I liked here is your 'promotional text' for the article! Thanks for that tip..


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