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8 Types of Social Media Post That Will Boost Your Engagement by 3X

Updated on July 6, 2020
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Arthur Ariel is a young enthusiastic learner that is addicted to learning new stuff and isn't shy away to share what he's learned so far



If you’re like the rest of us, you’d probably know what is Social Media.

You know, the platform people use to share their contents and thoughts. Ring a bell?

There are a ton of platforms and even more a lot more accounts out there on the internet right now. We’re more connected to each other than any other time in history.

Businesses are also starting to take advantage of it and it’s great! Businesses nowadays gain a lot of reach and profit from followers on their platform.

But they know one thing more than anything, followers don’t mean anything if they don’t engage.

So Business pays PR do a lot of hard work to get their audience engaged! If you don’t have money to hire someone to market and engage with the people, you can do it yourself!

Social Media & The Importance Of Engagement

Before I tell you the types of post businesses use, you need to know why engagement is more important than followers.

Have you ever seen an account with 100.000 followers but has only like 20 likes in each of their posts? Yeah, it’s fake!

Usually it either from 2 reasons:

  1. The account paid to get followers.
  2. The account only promotes their account using ads.
  3. They don’t engage with their followers.

It’s good to get reach but without engagement, your business/product wouldn’t matter. You won’t gain revenue and you won’t gain any loyal customers out of it.

Yes, with a lot of followers you can look like you’ve got many fans supporting you, but those fans won't help you with anything when you don’t engage with them.

Engagement is king!

People Buy From Who People They Trust

and They Trust People They Like.

— Garrison Wynn

Now to gain engagement, you have to give value to your followers!

You don’t have to give free food or things like that, all you need to do is be close to your fan base/followers.

Actually and honestly engage with them will make your company seems more genuine. They’ll feel like they’re actually cared for and that’s what you need to have a loyal customer.

Remember, people buy from who they trust. (I’ve written an article about this, click here to read it)

Here are the 7 posts that engage with people:

  1. Offer A Fact.
  2. Run Competitions.
  3. Industry News.
  4. Fan Only Offers.
  5. Post From Behind The Scenes.
  6. Nostalgia.
  7. Teach Stuff.
  8. Promote Other Business.

Note: all of these works on any social media platform

Offer A Fact

When you offer a fact, you give your followers value by giving them relevant information that the followers will be interested in.

You don’t want to just throw facts that don’t relate to your company’s value or else you’ll look like a try-hard trying to make itself go viral.

Run Competitions

Running competitions will definitely engage the audience more effectively than the rest of this list.

If you could arrange a competition in which the people who shared the most gets an increased chance/win, you could get lots of engagement and traffic running to your business. It’s an absolute win-win for both you and your followers.

Industry News

If you could give relevant Industry news, your followers will perceive you as an insider.

It’s absolutely useful to keep followers coming back to check the latest news.

If you could find news and report it faster than any other platform, your value and traffic will instantly skyrocket! But please, pick your news wisely.

Fan Only Offers

If there is one thing we all love, it’s free stuff (or just a discount in this case)!

Fan/Follower only discounts will keep your followers coming back for more!

Not only will you get immediate followers, but you’ll also get the engagement that just keeps racking in.

Post From Behind The Scenes

A post from behind the scenes will immediately make your followers trust you more.

The fact that your company had the time to give the followers an update of what’s going on behind the scenes make you more genuine which leads to more followers trusting you.

This might not bring the most engagement, but it’s definitely one of the most impactful!


Nostalgia is a unique case, if your company is a few years old, you could share information about your past and try to engage your audience by asking their past experience before the current update of your company.

Old followers will absolutely love this as they finally get a chance to tell how good you were back in the day.

You’ll even get more feedback than the other type of post if you do this.

Teach Stuff

Just like offering information, teaching your followers about a specific field will separate you apart from the other competition.

Imagine if Starbucks teaches their followers, without revealing their recipe/technique, how to make our own latte! It might not be the best latte you could make, but you’d definitely be coming back to try to learn another way to do it.

Promote Other Business!

Now, why would I want to promote other competition? Simple.


When you promote other Business, the other business will follow up by promoting you! The fans from the other side will become curious about your product and give it a try while your own fans will also give the other business a taste.

It’s an absolute win-win situation!

The 7 Types Of Post That Engage Followers



So those are the 7 types of social media posts that get lots of engagement.
Remember, engagement is much more important than followers.

Give more than you take! You don’t want your followers thinking you just want to rip them off

Which Social Media Platform Do You Use The Most?

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