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6 Tips For Entrepreneurs In Business

Updated on October 2, 2014


Starting a business or deciding to become an entrepreneur can be tough. Entrepreneurship is a journey that one must embark on, in order to find or become the person they truly want to be. Becoming an entrepreneur is not as easy as many may believe. It can be very difficult due to the changes that will occur, in order to succeed. Listed below will be tips that I feel have helped me in my own journey of entrepreneurship. These tips will not be in any specific order.

1). Faith

Faith is something that will play a really big part in your success. Their will be many people that will try to discourage you and make you feel that the journey you are embarking on will not be successful. People you thought were your dear friends, or even loved ones in your family will start to find ways to question what you are doing. So you must have faith in yourself when no one else does, because you CAN do this.

2). Patience

You may have heard the saying that goes "patience is a virtue". One must strive to find more ways to be patient in growth, development, goals, and even money. Becoming an entrepreneur, you are your own boss. You do not have to clock in, and you have no one to report to at the end of the day except yourself. Treat your business like a business because that is exactly what it is. Remember, things will not come to you exactly when you want them to. Entrepreneurs have to work really hard before reaping the benefits, they have to spend a lot of time and put forth a lot of effort. When learning or teaching, one must remain patient.


3). Ability To Listen

You must listen, more than you talk. You must be willing and able take constructive criticism, and advice from others. When speaking with a potential customer or client, you must be able to communicate with them, without speaking about yourself. Your client already knows who you are, and they appreciate having the time to talk to someone that wants to listen to what they have to say. As humans we all like to feel special, you should always take this into consideration.

4). Set Goals

Developing a plan is crucial in any business. One must know where they are going in order to get there. If you do not have a plan in place, then you will struggle, have a hard time setting goals and you will not accomplish much. You should give yourself a deadline to complete a goal, work really hard at that and celebrate when completed. By doing this, you will feel more confident and you will be excited to complete more goals which will ultimately improve the chances of success.


5).Be Confident

Confidence plays a big part in personality, and how to present yourself to others. In sales, confidence is very important because if you are not confident in yourself, this can look like you don't believe in the product instead of yourself. If you are training others, it is imperative that you show confidence, in return the trainee will feel more comfortable and it will improve the way that they view you personally. People are not interested in the business, they are interested in you. If your confidence is low, people will generally feel like you are standoffish, quite, or they will feel that you are not genuine. Confidence in yourself requires patience, but it is achievable and once done, ou can and will improve your business and how you are publicly viewed.

6). Be A Team Player

In business, it is very important that you learn how to be a team player. Certain task are achieved with better results when people form a team. Simply because, more people means more ideas, and more ideas can raise the chance of success. Some people learn better in a group setting because certain people have specific abilities or skills that others may not. When forming a team, you can grow mentally and become more efficient as a person due to understanding your skill set and what needs to be done. I hope that these tips helped someone, and feel free to comment below if I missed any.

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