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7 Tips to Survive your First Day at Work

Updated on June 15, 2014
Office Life and Culture
Office Life and Culture

Getting in the good books on your first day at work is important

Starting a new job can be difficult, especially if it's your first post-graduation job. The positive feeling you get when you accept a job offer trails somewhere between the immense feelings of relief and euphoria.

In due course of time, you'll phase into a new routine of having to wake up and go to work every day for eight hours or so—with nothing more than a daily lunch break, no summers off or entire months during the holidays. You will soon forget the lifestyle that you led in colleges. No more bunking classes, boring lectures, chit-chats between classes, in spite of all these you will start loving the new routines, responsibilities, new work cultures, presentations and everything else that comes along with the new job.

Don't get stressed out! Yes, this may be a big change for you. Hence, you need to start it off right on Day One because first impressions count a lot with your boss and coworkers.

The transition from full-time study to a full-time corporate job is exciting. You can finally put your hours of study to use, and begin your career journey.

I have put together some top tips to help you settle in on the first day.

New life at office
New life at office

1. The wardrobe decision

what you wear to your office is an extremely important factor to keep in mind. You have to abort all that you used to wear to college, by that I mean all the casual tees and torn jeans, mini- skirts and crop tops!

Office is a total different scenario. If you working in the corporate, wearing a suit on the first day and henceforth, will make you look professional and show your new boss that you take the role seriously and want to make a good first impression.

You will meet lots of people on the first day, so it makes sense to look your best and create the best impression, as we all know that the First Impression is crucial. Looking polished & smart is always a good idea.

You may find that you can relax the suit standard slightly as you get to know your new office culture better.

Office Wear
Office Wear

2. Don’t Be Late

Time is an important thing to look while you are in office. During college life, you easily managed to refrain from getting punished, even when you were late. But on your first day at office and latter as well make absolutely sure that you're on time. It would be better if you get there a few minutes earlier than your expected arrival.

This way you'll not just look good, but it would make your boss look good too just for hiring you. And it's very important to be on the boss's good side from the very first day onwards.

Always be on time!
Always be on time!
Be Friendly and Approachable
Be Friendly and Approachable

3. Turn on that charm

Remember when you were in school and a new kid started? You are now the new kid. People are interested in finding out all about you, so be as friendly and approachable as you were in the interview as this will help you dissolve boundaries and create wonderful work environment and build up friendship with nice co-workers. A good tip is to repeat each person’s name when you are introduced, as this will help you to remember it. Do ask and inquire, if you need anything. Do not hesitate.

Don't let this bummer you out. Remember that everyone has been the newbie at some point, so relax and enjoy your new work and life.

Body language matters!
Body language matters!

4. Body language matters

You are probably nervous and trying to concentrate, but remember that your facial expressions could be misinterpreted. Avoid frowning, remember to smile, and look people in the eye when they are talking to you. Don't slouch or doze off at your work stations. Always be enthusiastic about your work and eager to learn new things.

You'll likely be introduced to most or all of your coworkers. Be friendly, and be prepared to talk about yourself so that your new colleagues get to know a bit more about you than what they may have been told before your arrival.

Merge in a group
Merge in a group

5. Be aware of your surroundings

Your first few days are a fantastic opportunity to learn the technical aspects of your role and to observe the new culture around you. If this is your first job, it would be much different from the culture you have been in the past. So being attentive is the key!

Be attentive and sensitive to the people around you as they will help you teach new things you will need, pay attention to the rhythm of things and get to used to it as soon as you can, and the general vibe of the team – this will help you to feel more comfortable and work out where you fit. Try to love the work that you do- Its extremely crucial!

Ask questions
Ask questions

6. Ask questions

Everyone knows what being a newbie is like. So, no one is expecting you to know everything on day one.

It can also be beneficial to book some time individually with the people around you to have a chat about what their roles involve, and how you might best work together. Know about your role and how you must proceed to merge with the whole group, while keeping up your own individuality.

Always ask questions when you are not sure of something, but not to the extent of being nagging.

If you finish a task, ask your boss what to do next, or ask a coworker where the kitchen is, or maybe the location copier. Send a message that you're engaged in the job and you're willing to engage your coworkers.

Leave office on time, not early
Leave office on time, not early

7. Don't Leave Early

This is the flip side of "Don't Be Late!" Leave when everyone else leaves, or stay a bit longer. This sends a message that you're putting in extra effort to become more acquainted with the job and the company and shows you're not in a rush to get the heck out of there.

But don't turn this into a habit, always remember that you have a life outside your cubicle as well. And it is of utmost importance that you make that your priority as well.

As famous Indian writer Chetan Bhagat says, "Work Hard, but make time for your love, family and friends. Nobody remembers PowerPoint presentations on your final day."

Enjoy your work!
Enjoy your work!

Try and follow these tips- they can make your transition easier and help you gear into the world of work in a smooth motion!

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