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A Guide To Choosing Affordable Website Hosting

Updated on February 27, 2012

Choosing The Right Web Hosting Service

Choosing the best web hosting service can seem a little bit tricky, there are tons and tons of different website hosting services out there. But its important not to get too overwhelmed with dozens of different companies because when it comes down to it, there are only a few things that you need to look for when it comes to choosing the right web hosting service. This article will elaborate on the most important features that you will need to look for when you are looking for a website hosting service to host your website or websites.

First of all you don't need to pay a lot of money for Website Hosting, its relatively inexpensive however there are some companies that are more expensive than others - and I have no idea why. I have been using the same website hosting service for years now, and its because they offer website hosting at an incredibly low price. In fact, they also offer more than what a lot of other website hosting companies offer in terms of incentives. If your wondering which website hosting company I use, I am happy to tell you that I use BLUEHOST. There are many reasons why I like Bluehost, and why I plan to keep them as a website hosting service, and many of those reasons will be discussed below.

Important Things To Look For From Website Hosting Companies

When your looking for a website hosting service to host your website, its important to make sure that your getting the most bang for your buck while making sure that the service you choose is not only affordable, but reliable. Here is a list of things that you definitely want when it comes to features and incentives that website hosting services should provide. Keep in mind, Bluehost offers all of these incentives and thats why I can proudly say that I am very happy with their service and I would highly recommend them to any website owner.

  • Make Sure Your Not Paying More Than $7 a month for website hosting services, there is no reason why you should pay more than that. Its not too hard to find cheap website hosting, for more references and recommendations - feel free to check the links below.
  • Make sure your website hosting service has 24/7 technical support. This is especially important when you are trying to transfer a domain, and when you are in the first steps of creating a website and getting website hosting for your website. Bluehost has always been there for me to answer any questions I have, and I've never waited on the phone for more than a minute to speak to a technical support representative.
  • Make sure that your website hosting company offers unlimited domain hosting for one low price. There is no reason why you should pay extra for each additional domain that needs website hosting. Bluehost offers unlimited domain hosting.
  • Unlimited GB Hosting Space and Unlimited GB File Transfer. This is definitely important because you don't want to face limits when it comes to what you decide to put on your website.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts - Just incase you have other people through your website that are in charge of certain things. There is no reason why you should have to pay additional money for extra email accounts that end with your domain name.
  • MY FAVORITE FEATURE OF BLUEHOST - Most website hosting companies do not offer this incentive, but Bluehost does. When you sign up for website hosting services, check to see that they offer 1 free domain name with the service. When I was looking for website hosting, I was able to register my domain name for free as part of Bluehost's incentive program. This is a great deal and it saves you money, so you don't have to buy your domain name after all.
  • A Free Site builder with templates for your website is also recommended, this allows you to customize your website much easier and gives you the option to easily change the look that your website has.
  • Look for a website hosting company that offers a $75 Google credit that can go toward adwords. This is a great incentive that Bluehost offers because it can help you to start sending traffic to your website almost instantly. Its a great way to boost profits, and it comes free with the service.

For more information and advice regarding "how to choose a website hosting company" feel free to check out some of the links and videos below. These videos and links will help you choose the right website hosting company that gives you the most bang for your buck.

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