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A Small Orange Web Hosts

Updated on June 14, 2014

A look at A Small Orange

I've already discussed about hosting companies before, but now I've came across one that was totally new to me. A Small Orange is unique when compared to other websites in that they don't promise you the Earth when it comes to what you can get in terms of hosting each month.

There are other web hosting companies out there that offer 'unlimted' hosting plans. However, whilst many of these are umlimited, a few of them are unlimited with a caveat in that if you have a lot of sites getting a lot of traffic then it'll restrict your site from getting any more visitors that more. If they don't limit the people you can get viewing your website, they may in fact just slow down the access speed of your site which will more than likely make people click off of your page. The end result of this is that it'll

Perfect for blogs and smaller sites.

If you're a blogger, one of the most useful and and most used platforms is Wordpress. You can of course use the free version of Wordpress to make your blog. However for those that are wanting to make money off of their blog by using adverts such as Google Adsense, they can't use the free Wordpress service. blogs simply don't allow you to place adverts on your work (although you can use affiliate links such as those from Amazon).

The solution to this is to use a Wordpress blog that's located on your own server. A Small Orange offer shared hosting which is perfect for these kind of blogs (and it allows you to monetize your site). Their packages start from as low as $5 per month which is exceptional value for money, and for the first year you'll even get your domain name for free which is great for those that are wanting to save money. So basically it's an investment of $60 for the year which, if you're serious about making money from a blog, this is a great way to test the waters. Couple this in with the fact that they offer great customer service and a money back guarantee (read below for more information on both of these topics) and you've got yourself a great web host.

Unparalleled customer service

With my previous problems with other web hosts as a rule of thumb I know test the quality of any new potential service provider by bombarding them with questions over email. In the case of A Small Orange I actually used their live chat service and I found them to be not only highly knowledgable, but also extremely polite.

I purpsoeely asked the broadest questions possible, and for every response, it was highly detailed along with them suggesting which package would be best for me. I had suggested that I purchased a dedicated hosting plan for a small Wordpress blog that I was in the process of writing with an estimated traffic volume of 2,000 visitors per month. After mentioning this during the live chat it was suggested to me that I should go for the shared hosting option instead since it would offer me greater value for money.

This in itself shows that the company isn't a massive conglomerate that only cares about trying to squeeze out as much money as possible, but rather a company that is looking after its customers by suggesting the best possible plan for them.

Start your own business

Unlike other web hosts, A Small Orange advertises right on their homepage that one of the packages they offer is a reseller system. These plans start at $15 per month, and it allows you to charge whatever you want from your customers. This is actually a really easy way to make money online since you can simply set up an order page on your website and after that you simply order the hosting from A Small Orange.

Using this method, you have full control over each customers server options, making it extremely manageable and easy to update the server configurations. However, with the ease of use with ASO, it's really a great way to get a recurring sum of money each month for doing little to no work.

Complete peace of mind.

One of the things that actually sold me on using A Small Orange as web host is that they give a 90 day money back guarantee when it comes to any of their plans.

In the past, I've used a lot of web hosts and sadly some were pretty poor in both their customer service as well as the speed of the hosting as whole. It's safe to say that the poor services did not offer a money back guarantee.

Thanfully I've not had to employ the use of the money back guarantee from A Small Orange, however it's great for other people that may feel that the hosting doesn't fully suit their needs. Coupled with with this is that they've always got plenty of sales and discounts going on, and thankfully it's easy to get your hands on A Small Orange coupons to make your money go even further.


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